10 Easy Ways to Incorporate More Water into Your Day

10 Easy Ways to Incorporate More Water into Your Day


So many of us struggle to meet our water needs. We are supposed to be consuming half of our body weight in ounces of water and that can be extremely difficult. Water is bland, has no taste and sometimes we just forget to drink it. Although it might seem impossible to meet water needs, there are many ways to make drinking water enjoyable as well as finding little ways to incorporate it into your day! Below are 10 ways on how you can incorporate more water into your day.


  1. Add Flavor to Your Water

The taste of water isn’t always appealing to the pallet. By adding something like fruit or herbs, your water will become full of flavor and it will be desirable to consume. There are also low-no calorie flavorings to add into your water if fruit or herbs aren’t a strong enough flavor, also, adding FIT, HYDRATE or IMMUNE to your water is a great way to spruce up the flavor and the functionality!

  1. Purchase Larger Cups or Water Bottles

Without even realizing it, you will automatically be consuming more water when finishing a glass or bottle if you purchase larger sizes. It doesn’t have to be a giant 1 gallon bottle, something like a 32 oz bottle is more reasonable and by consuming 2-3 of those a day your needs will be met or close to it.

  1. Develop a Routine

Something as simple as drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up, after you get home for the day, etc. could get you in the habit of consuming more water at specific times and a routine will develop.

  1. Choose Sparkling Water Instead of Soda

Soda is full of sugar and extra calories that our body doesn’t need. Sparkling water is a great alternative. You still will get the bubbly carbonation just like soda but without all of the added junk. Sparkling water also comes in flavors if the plain taste doesn’t appeal to you.

  1. Eat Water Rich Foods

Foods like fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, zucchini, mushrooms, etc. all have high amounts of water in them. This is a great way of getting water in without even having to take a sip of anything!

  1. Use a Straw

It has been seen that drinking from a straw actually leads an individual to consume faster and in turn more liquid is consumed. There are so many kinds of straws so you are able to choose one which you feel comfortable using in whichever setting you are in.

  1. Develop a Reward System for Meeting Water Needs

It feels great knowing a goal you’ve set for yourself has been accomplished. It makes you excited to repeat that goal and even strive for bigger goals. You can reward yourself either after every day of meeting your needs by choosing something desirable to do or perhaps weekly or monthly.

  1. Keep a Water Bottle with You Throughout the day

Always carrying around a water bottle reminds you that it’s there and to drink it. Whether it’s in a bag or in your hand it will be in sight, and you will always have that constant reminder with you!

  1. Refill ASAP After Finishing a Bottle

Once empty, it’s easy to just leave the bottle empty and then not drink any more. When you refill your bottle you have the opportunity to keep drinking instead of thinking “there’s no more water so I’m done drinking for the day.”

  1. Add Water or Ice to Sugary Beverages to Dilute It

Although these sugary beverages are not favorable, some people still want to be able to enjoy them. By adding a bit of water or some ice it will not only dilute the drink making it less sugary per ounce but also be providing you with more water, now that’s a win-win!


Maryann Walsh, MFN, RD, CDE
Registered Dietitian/ Nutrition Communications Specialist