The Compound Effect

compound effect

The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect By: Darren Hardy

• You need a deep why for doing stuff. With a why that is meaningful enough, you will do almost anything. (Think of Kristy exercising for the wedding.)
• Too many people focus on achievement without fulfillment.
• If you create goals for yourself that have friction with your values, you’re going to self-sabotage or feel guilty about your progress. For example, if your family is a high priority, but you set high financial goals for yourself then there is friction between those two goals. (Note: this is basically identity-based habits. You can’t have friction between your identity and your goals.)
• Design the life you want first and the business you want second. Most people choose a career before thinking about what kind of life they want to build. (Note: great idea. Even better idea might be to test lifestyles. Try one project in various “lives” and see which you enjoy most. Write a book (author), show a photo project in a gallery (photographer), etc.)
• The Law of Attraction is simply directing your attention toward something that was already there.
• Write down your most important goals.
• When you set a goal, most people ask, “What do I need to do to achieve your goal?” Instead, you should ask “Who do I need to become?”
• What is your entertainment vs. education ratio? The top 20% of people spend their time focused on education.
• Stop watching the news. The news just aggregates the worst, saddest, and most stressful stories every day.
• If their is a difference between what you say and what you do, then your behavior is the winner.
• Identify your triggers for your bad habits: the who, what, where, and when that prompts you to start your bad habits.
• Start by eliminating your triggers. Throw out junk food, etc.
• Stop lying and justifying hard choices by saying things like, “It’s not fair for everyone to avoid sweets just because I don’t want to eat sweets.”
• Dean Ornish study found it was easier for people to ditch lots of bad habits at the same time.
• Any new habit has to work inside your current life and lifestyle. The gym can’t be out of the way. It has to be on the way.

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