Imporatnce of Self-Reflection

Imporatnce of Self-Reflection

Can you believe it is already mid-June and that half of 2021 is behind us! It’s crazy to think about how much can change in a year which makes this the perfect time for a little self-reflection or as we like to call it a self-check-in.

Self-reflection isn’t a new concept; I am sure you have heard of it before, but the question is how often do you stop to self-reflect or check-in on how you are feeling and how do you go about this reflection process. Below we take a look at constructive ways to practice self-reflection and the benefits of doing so often.

Self-reflection by definition is “Meditation or serious through about one’s character, actions and motives” (4). It’s about becoming aware of your thought’s, actions and feelings and how this can impact the overall quality of your life. It brings the attention to the current moment opposed to the future and always thinking about “what’s next”. This is important because self-reflection allows us to understand and make sense of the challenges and triumphs, we go through by helping to let go of confusion and frustration. Have you ever been stuck on a problem or stuck in a situation and then you go take a long walk to “clear your head” or to “process” then you magically come up with an answer? This is most likely the result of self-reflection even if you were unaware you were reflecting. You took a step away from the situation, reflected on it then readjusted and came back with a solution. This process can be applied to practically everything in life. Self-reflection is a time when you can challenge an old way of thinking to make way for a new thought or a time to recognize how you’ve changed. Ultimately by practicing self-reflection you create a life full of more intention and self-acceptance which leads to overall happiness.

You may be saying “yeah yeah, that’s great but how to I practice self-reflection.” Practicing self-reflection can seem challenging or odd if you have never stopped to think about it or practiced it before but just like everything the more you do it the easier it becomes.

  • Start with asking yourself questions. How do I feel today? How could I improve? What challenges did I face today (this year)?
  • Take some quite time away from the hustle and bustle of your day to day. If possible, try to meditate or practice breathing exercises. If you are new to mediation, there are several free guided apps and videos to help. Become aware of the thoughts coming in and out of your head and redirecting or reframing them when needed. This is a great time to practice self-appreciation and rewriting negative thoughts.
  • Trying writing, this could be a journal, a story, a script, or just stream of thoughts. Release your thoughts to paper and being able to see them and absorb them will help. You recognize patterns or subconscious thoughts.
  • Focus on something that calms your mind, possibly reading a book or taking a walk outside. Getting out of the moment and the stress of the day allows you process and “unwind”.
  • Practice gratitude!
  • Lastly, check-in with yourself. Are you where you want to be in your career, in your relationship, with your education and so on… Then based off these answers devise a plan and revisit your goals possibly setting new ones or scaling others back.


Do yourself a favor and take a moment today or tonight or this week and try self-reflection! If. You can’t take a moment everyday start with every month, then every week and eventually this will become not only a daily practice but one you enjoy and come to rely on. FITTEAM encourages everyone to live their best life inside and out! If you are looking for inspiration or motivation, we encourage you to join our daily morning motivational calls. They take place every day at 11:00 AM EST time by dialing in to 712-770-5603 with access code 443469#.