Intructions for submitting photos

    – Please try to send clear photos (not blurry, not pixelated, not cropped).

    – Even if your photos aren’t perfect, though, still send them!

    – Send the original photos. Please do not crop or edit the photos.

    – Please do not add text or titles. We have that covered.

    – Try to send before and after photos where you’re similarly posed.

    – We prefer two front facing or two profile (side facing) full body photos.

    – The most important thing is that we can see progress from one photo to the next. As long as we can see that, we’re good to go!

    – Your testimonial must not exceed two sentences. It needs to fit in our template. If your testimonial exceeds two sentences, we’ll pick two sentences to quote from it. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY MEDICAL CLAIMS IN YOUR TESTIMONIAL.