Wow 2020 is almost over, not sure about you but I am excited to see this year come to an end. I am ready to reset and refocus on the new year and all the potential it brings. One lesson we all learned in 2020 was that financial hardship can fall on anyone at any given moment and can be totally unexpected. Moving into 2021 we should be financially prepared as best as possible so that no matter what the world throws at us, we will be ready. In order to prepare I took a look into ways to not only save money but additional ways to earn money.

Saving money can often be a challenge especially when you are barely getting by from paycheck to paycheck so much so that even the thought of saving can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Below we take a look into ways to save in the new year along with new ways to create additional revenue streams.

  • Save on small stuff such as haircuts. Women often pay a fortune for this, try just getting just a trim or having a friend cut the ends. Same goes for men, have your wife or family member cut your hair. With technology these days learning the basics can be easy and remember you are saving money. It is also important to remember this isn’t forever this is learning how to cut back now so that the future you are prepared.


  • Switch to off brand items, this one seems intuitive but some many of out of habit pick the brands we know or have seen in a commercial. The generic version are often the EXACT same ingredients just with different labels.


  • Are you eating out for lunch or dinner? Try cooking at home. Cutting coupons, seeking out local sales and farmers markets can be a great way to save on groceries so that you can make your favorite gourmet meals at home.


  • Do you still have cable? It may be time to “cut the cord” with all the streaming services and free access to TV, cable is no longer a needed entertainment expense. Wifi it often cheaper than cable.


  • Create a budget! This can be a HUGE help. Mapping out how you are going to spend your money and then stick to that plan will help illuminate spur of the moment or unnecessary purchases.


  • Do you drink or smoke? If so, by stopping both of these not only will you drastically improve your health but your wallet with also thank you. In fact, any money previously spent on these items can be added directly into savings.


  • Are you paying for a gym? Try working out from home, there are great free videos and you can often buy used weights from a local gym for super cheap.


Okay, we covered some quick tips on how to save but an even better way to keep yourself financial stable and supported would be to create new streams of revenue outside of your primary job. You may be thinking “how will I work two full time jobs” but the thing is you don’t have to. Most financially successful people have several streams of revenue so that is one is ever impacted they still have a support system. Let’s take a look into additional ways to earn money.


  • Do you have a skill, can you read or write? There are endless freelance jobs which can be performed from the comfort of your own home at any time. These jobs pay for the hours or the work you put in.


  • Do you have a hobby such as painting or knitting? Try selling your work, this can be a great way to create additional income while still doing something you love.


  • Do you have old cloths laying around or furniture you don’t need? Sell it. This is a great way to clean and organize your space while making money.


  • Do you love dogs or cats? Try pet sitting, this most often wont impact your daily life but provide additional income


  • Review and Test! Several large companies pay for you to review their products or test their site.


  • Have you ever thought of network marketing? It can get a bad rap sometimes but if you find a company with quality products you love network marketing is an amazing way to build a stream of revenue and residual income. Best part is this job can be done from your own home. In fact, did you know FITTEAM offers an income opportunity? To learn more about this opportunity CLICK HERE.


  • Do you have the ability to rent a room or possible rent your house and downsize? Real estate is an amazing way to create passive residual income.


As 2021 approaches I encourage to you start planning and taking action. Plan for ways to save and new ways to earn income that way you will be prepared for anything 2021 throws your way!





28 Ways To Save Money In 2021