4 Keys to Being Healthy

4 Keys to Being Healthy

We all want to be healthy.

There’s no doubt about that. Why else would we be a part of a company called FITTEAM? We are looking to live in peak performance for as long as we can. We want to lose weight, get fit, and enjoy life to its fullest.

We all want to be healthy.

The bare bones of a healthy lifestyle start with the following four keys:


Regular Exercise

While I personally don’t believe it should be listed as the first key to a healthy lifestyle, it is certainly an important one and one that cannot be disregarded. It almost goes without saying that physical activity is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle, but here I am saying it. Again.

In order for the other keys to make sense and fall in place, exercise has to be implemented. With obesity trends on the rise, lack of exercise is one of the key contributing factors and that needs to change. Whether it’s a triathlon or a simple twenty-minute walk on the treadmill, lifting weights in a gym or in your home; whatever the activity may be, we have to do physical activity.


Balanced Diet

Is it safe to say this is one of the hardest keys to follow through on? Personally speaking, it is my toughest challenge. With so many options so readily available at any whim, it is very easy to fall into the trap of fast-food or preparing foods that aren’t the healthiest for us.

But this way of thinking needs to change in order for us to live a healthier lifestyle. Trade out french fries for vegetables, sugary sweets for fruits, and coffee/sodas/energy drinks for FITTEAM FIT and FITTEAM LEAN. Can you quit those tempting foods cold turkey? Possibly, but weaning them out of the rotation should be a top factor in creating a more balanced, healthy diet.

Manage Stress

The following two steps I believe tie in the most with one another. Let’s face it; life is so incredibly stressful to begin with, let alone throwing in the factors of family, career, financials, etc. It is a lot to take on and can wear on the soul quickly and fiercely.

Stress is a crippling feeling that does not allow us to live fully and healthily. Some ways to relax are to do what you enjoy. I know that may sound like an easy, stock answer, but without listing hundreds of hobbies, I ask for you, the reader, to make a list of things that make you smile. That make you happy. Keep that list and when you’re feeling stressed, do something from it to ease your mind.


Good Sleep

As I mentioned in the previous paragraphs, stress and sleep tie in quite a bit. When you’re stressed, do you sleep? Sleep well? Sleep at all? If the mind is constantly running and overworking itself, sleep won’t visit, at least not as long as you want it to.

Anywhere over six and a half to eight hours is recommended for quality sleep. Again, something that reads easier than it is to accomplish, but combining a workout regimen along with a balanced diet and a less stressful lifestyle, sleep should become much easier for those who struggle.

I am guilty, to a degree, of not following all of these keys. Chances are we all are guilty to a degree. However, we are all works in progress and will always be. Some of us may be great in one aspect or two and struggle in others, but if we can balance it out, we are well on our ways to living a healthier lifestyle.

We all just want to be healthy.

It also doesn’t hurt to include FITTEAM products.


Adam Williams
FITTEAM – Communications Coordinator

Resource used for article: https://live.shawacademy.com/recordings/581c5cac996acd6642b913ce