Building Relationships

Building Relationships

A key component in Network Marketing is the ability to build and maintain healthy relationships, this is why it is so often referred to as Relationship Marketing. Whether you are just beginning your journey as an entrepreneur in network marketing or have dedicated your life to building your own empire it is important to remember to nurture the relationships you build along the way. These very relationships will be your hidden key to success.

According to Sharon Michaels,a successful coach and mentor to a network of over 400 self-employed women, there are 5 key networking tips.


  1. Understand your target market.


It is not about meeting a lot of people it is about meeting the right people. Allocate time to figuring out just who your target market is. For example, are you are hard-working mother, do you want to engage with other women like you, are you passionate about volunteering, do you want those around you to feel that same passion? Once you determine your target market start to attend networking functions where you will connect with like-minded individuals or people who can introduce you to your target market [1]. Keep in mind this doesn’t have to be one certain group or one specific quality but rather your target market could contain multiple avenues.


  1. Know exactly what you can bring to the networking table.


Whether you are just beginning this journey or have been networking for years it is crucial to stop yourself and ask: Why would people want to work with me? You may be focused on what you will gain from building a relationship, but they very well may be doing the exact same thing. So, it is important to make sure the relationship will be a win-win for all [1].


  1. What is your goal?


Know what you want to accomplish, and why you want to accomplish and how you are going to accomplish it [1]. You hear us at FITTEAM talk about this all the time, KNOW YOUR WHY. This is key not only to building a business but to creating success in every aspect of your life. Your why may change over time but it is important to akways be conscious of your purpose.


  1. Give value to receive value.


The main goal of network marketing is to build solid trusting business relationships, that add value to everyone involved in the relationship. It is critical to always keep the mindset you get what you give [1]. You can only expect you will get back the same amount of effort you put it. This is something that is often forgotten as your network grows, people begin to expect without giving this ultimately breaks the win-win aspect of the relationship which will cause the relationship to falter.


  1. Follow up promptly to develop and maintain a win-win relationship


The entire purpose of building a network is to develop business building relationships. Part of this relationship is getting to know, like and trust one another. Thus, making the follow up one of the most important pillars. Following up is how you will continue to engage and grow the relationship.  During the follow up stage, it is key to ask yourself: How can I help them succeed [1]? Asking yourself this question while following up will ensure you are creating a win-win relationship.


Sharon’s key tips are a great way to help you stay in the right mindset while growing your network and business. Not only is building good relationship good for your business, but there is a mental and emotional wellbeing that comes from building a network of good relationships.  According to Northwestern Medicinehaving healthy relationships can lead to the following: less stress, healthy behaviors, sense of purpose and longer life [2]. At FITTEAM we view our network as our family.

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