Today’s everchanging economy and job market rewards those that are flexible and can adapt to change. It is no longer the standard or expectation to sit behind a desk for 10 hours a day. As a society we have transitioned into an on-the-go mentality where we work from anywhere. Gen Z has optimized this workflow and are thriving with their ability to balance multiple side hustles and business at one time. Today we tap into ways to embrace this change and explain how building wealth on the go is easier than it’s ever been.

Let’s start with one of the income avenues you may have already heard of, freelancing. Freelancing is when you become an independent professional and offer your services to others that may need them. This can be done on your schedule and usually from anywhere! All you need to do is figure out what you can offer and then find your clients. For example, say you have a knack for editing, you can turn this into income. Start letting everyone know you are available to edit their work. You can use social media to promote your business or you could join freelance sites that will market for you. Once you have clients you can continue to hone your skills and improve your craft which in turn will generate more business. Remember almost anything can be turned into a freelance position!

Move to a company that allows for remote work. This means you can do your job “remotely” from anywhere. More and more companies are offering fully remote positions. This flexibility will afford you the opportunity to work from anywhere so you can be “on-the-go” and still working.

These previous options I mentioned are great and are a great way to bring in an income but they are still tied to your output which means there is a direct correlation between time and money. In order to build serious wealth we need to look a little deeper at way to make money when not actively working, this is called a passive income. I am sure the most common that comes to mind is real estate. You can buy a house and then rent it out for more than your mortgage and like magic you have money coming in every month that you don’t have to do anything for. The catch is, not everyone has enough upfront money to invest in real estate which is why I want to point out some other avenues of earning passive income.

Try selling and design or creating a print on demand shop. Say you have an idea for a children’s book, create the book via a design program and then sell it digitally. Yes, you will have to invest the time up front but after you have completed the initial design you will simply be able to gather income on every book sold. Same goes for a store on demand. Now a days there are a million drop ship companies ready to help you succeed. Create a cool design for a shirt create a relationship with a drop shipper that prints, market your shirt on Etsy and them bam make money off each shirt you sell with your design.  These are great creative side hustles that can help build passive income from anywhere.


Lastly, and most importantly we have network marketing. Network marketing often gets a bad rap because people who unfamiliar with the industry mock it but those who have been successful know the true value and generational wealth network marketing can bring. The concept is easy make money by selling something you love. Think about it this way, did you recently try a place and love it or maybe you got a new water bottle you liked, I am sure you told your friends and family and in return some of them probably purchased your suggestion. Network marketing is the exact same, the only different is you earn an income off your friends buying the product you told them to. Network marketing falls in line with affiliate marketing which is becoming the primary way to sell products. How many times have you seen a video or post from an influencer using a product you want to try and they give you a discount code to use. That influencer will get paid off your purchase when you use their code. This way of selling products tends to benefit everyone involved.


It is important to remember that these are just some of the ways to make money while on the go, there are a 1000 more opportunities just waiting on you to take them! We encourage to break out of your comfort zone and pursue a new side hustle before you know it you could be making more money than ever from the comfort of your home!