“Commitment-phobe” with your health and wellness goals?

“Commitment-phobe” with your health and wellness goals?

Are you a “commitment-phobe” when it comes to committing to health and wellness goals? If you raised your hand yes, then that’s ok, I have great news for you!

You do NOT need to take massive steps each day towards your goal, you just need to take tiny steps and those tiny steps add up to massive, life-changing results!

Let’s look at an example:

Many folks feel like they need to start an intense exercise routine and they need to exercise every day of the week while making changes in their nutrition, however, I urge you to start small.

If you never workout, start by setting a goal to exercise for 20 minutes 3 times each week. Whenever you can fit in that workout (whether it be a workout video, a walk with your dog, etc.) fit it in. It’s ok if the days need to be back to back or spread out…do it when you can!

In just a month or so you’ll notice changes in how you feel, all because you decided to make slow consistent changes that were more realistic to stick to versus unrealistic goals that you would never be able to stick with for the long term.

What small, consistent changes can you start making today that will set you up for success?

Maryann Walsh, MFN, RD, CDE
Registered Dietitian/ Nutrition Communications Specialist