Connection Matters

Connection Matters

At this point we all know that no matter what area of business you are in networking can be extremely beneficial. However, we seldom hear about the most important part of networking which is the act of establishing and maintaining true connections. The type of connections we develop in all aspects of our life can directly impact the quality of our lives, so today we look into why connections matter and how we can work to keep strong connections in our life.

The connections we forge in our life are more important than we even realize. Meaningful connections help our overall wellbeing while even improving our physical and mental health. A great example of this is through our social connections. Social connections can influence the way we eat how often we workout, think about this, has there ever been a time you set up a lunch date or workout with a friend? This is a time when a connection has impacted your daily routine for the better. Connection to others can also help reduce stress which can be detrimental to our bodies and mind. Have you ever had a parent or in-law come over when you were in a time of need? Did you feel an immediate sense of relief when they did? If so, that is a great example of how a meaningful connection can help to ease stress and worry. Connections at work can determine how much you enjoy your job or day to day tasks. Having meaningful connections at work can produce better results, boost engagement, create innovation, improve communication & operations and the list goes on.

Understanding why connections matter isn’t the hard part its learning how to establish and maintain these connections. Below we peek into how you can create more meaningful connections in all areas of your life.

  • – Take interest in other’s and their passions. Taking the time to learn about others and listen to what makes them happy can create a new respect. You may even find you have a commonality or shared interest.
  • – Be authentic, true to yourself. Don’t try to be perfect or to impress, be yourself and the connection will be pure from the beginning. This creates a strong foundation.
  • – This is a skill we talk about often and very few ever learn to master. When you learn to listen and can let go of ego or become vulnerable the connection will grow deeper.
  • – Focus on giving. Enter a situation with the mindset of giving opposed to taking. Even a simple gesture can have a huge impact, this thoughtfulness will be remembered and valued.

Creating meaningful connections may come natural to some but for those of us who need the push, remember to be yourself and have confidence because you are worth it. Here at FITTEAM we value the connections we build with one another, with our customers and everyone we meet along the way. We strive to create a safe space for everyone to be themselves and create goals that will push them forward! If you are ever interested in learning more at FITTEAM, just ask we are here to help!