Consistency in network marketing

Consistency in network marketing

We all know the saying “Consistency is Key” and this saying can be applied to almost every aspect of our lives but today we are going to focus on how remaining consistent in your business practices especially in network marketing can lead to great success.

Let’s start by discussing consistency, what does it truly mean to be consistent.

Consistent by definition means “marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity: free from variation or contradiction.”However, there is so much more to this word than just remaining regular or steady. Being consistent means first and foremost showing up for yourself daily, not now and then but always, every single day. If you have a day where you have doubts remember what motivates you and why you are pursuing success this “why” is powerful and important to hold on to. Once you start showing up every day for yourself others will start to take note.

Once you have mastered showing up for yourself start to show up for others. For example, if you have a regularly scheduled call every Monday, show up to the call EVERY SINGLE MONDAY never miss a Monday. People will start trust that you will be there for them, and they will follow your lead. We all have bad days and good days but showing up is always possible your ability to show up with encourage and teach other to do the same.

In the industry network marketing, you will see that people often stay consistent for a week or a month but then they stop, or they start to make excuses. Problems with shipping, no one is helping me…etc. Do you see CEO’s or business owners stopping after one week or one month or when that face a challenge? That answer is no because to be successful you work to find solutions and stay consistent always. There will be highs and lows in any business you are in but if you remain consistent there is always a way through to reward and success.

Here are some things to help you become more consistent, time block and/or schedule. Becoming aware of your time can help you plan to better use your time. Write down a plan and your daily goals, understanding your plans daily will help you follow through and move forward to success. Focus on a positive mindset while trying to avoid negativity.

Remember network marketing is a business. You must put consistent effort in over time to see results. This isn’t a magic industry where you get paid to do no work but rather an industry that rewards you for consistency.