Cultivating Healthy Relationships

Cultivating Healthy Relationships

If all the psychology and science is true, the relationships we create and maintain throughout our lives will have the biggest impact on our overall health. This means who we surround ourselves with today, tomorrow and in the future really does matter. Knowing this, we researched the best ways to create and cultivate healthy relationships both in and out of the workplace. Check out what we learned below.


Know Yourself

Seeing as a relationship is made up of yourself and someone else, you are 50% of that equation. If you know who you are and can stay true to yourself this will help ground you. The confidence in being true to yourself will allow you to embrace your unique qualities. Staying true and honest will establish a strong foundation to build and grow upon.


Respect is needed in every single relationship from your partner at home to your partner at work. Having respect for one another helps create a safe reliable environment. Respect allows for compromise, fairness, and consistency throughout a relationship. For example, you would never bail on someone you respect, and you would never ignore them. Having this mutual respect is key in any relationship.


Communication is something we all do all day but doing it right can really have an impact. The ability to communicate effectively can lead to results and avoid misunderstanding. It is always better to clear the air than to avoid a conversation. Another benefit of great communication is the ability to set boundaries. Communicating your boundaries properly will help you feel valued while setting up the relationship for success.


We could have grouped this in with communication, but it is so important we feel it needs its own space. Mindful and active listening is a learned skill which can be hard to master but if can, you’ll be light years ahead. When you actively listen, you’ll instantly gain a better understanding of who you are engaging with. As you gain the ability to stop thinking of a response but rather focus on what the other person is saying you will start to take more away from each conversation. Listening also gives the impression of trust.


It is important to always put yourself in the other persons shoes. At a glance it may be hard to understand why someone acts a certain way or says something but if you take the time to try and empathize and truly understand where they are coming from it can have a huge impact. Empathy can help to avoid misunderstandings or confusions and it can help to avoid problems. At times you might even be able to help someone by trying to understand where they are coming from and what they may be going through.


These qualities are just some of the many ways you can cultivate healthy relationships. Here at FITTEAM we value our network and every single relationship we have made along the way. If you are ever looking for a support system know we are here for you!