Detoxing: Spring Cleaning for Your Mind and Body

Detoxing: Spring Cleaning for Your Mind and Body

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Detoxing: Spring Cleaning for Your Mind and Body

Say goodbye to the grime that’s built up over the Winter (maybe even longer!). Your body is begging you to do some (internal) Spring cleaning!

Spring is a time where anything seems possible. It’s known to be the season of birth, fresh life, and new beginnings. As the dreary cold melts away and the sun reminds us that after every dark season, there’s a chance to be reborn, why wouldn’t it be the perfect time to detox?!

Beyond the winter weather, the holidays that fall in those months also tend to lead to overindulging in food, drink, and sometimes just pure laziness (Let’s be real 🙂 Perhaps we exercised less, chose to stay cooped up inside, or got sick more times than we ever wanted. Whatever the reason, come late March once Spring finally arrives, most of us are not feeling at our peak states of wellness. Undergoing a detox now can flip a switch and change all of that.

“On an energetic and esoteric level, spring is the ideal time for cleansing. In the Chinese system, spring is linked with the element of Wood, which encourages us to try new things, to set a new course, to find new ways, to commit to action. It’s an open, energetic, enthusiastic feeling, so even if you’ve never detoxed before, this could be the perfect time, and the perfect way to start feeling better fast.”

It should be mentioned that detoxing is not permanent and won’t fix all of your health ailments. Also, if you have chronic health problems, you should detox under the supervision of professionals. Detoxing simply cleans out your systems, and allows your body to receive the maximum benefit from a healthy, on-going program of diet and exercise. A full-fledged detox is not just for your physical body. One of the more prominent and detrimental toxins in our lives is stress, so taking a holistic approach and looking at your lifestyle habits, work and home environment – and, yes, your mind and emotions, too will serve you tremendously. On a positive note, you don’t need to make any drastic changes to reap benefits of detoxing. Slow and steady will get you to your end goal. Afterall, health and wellness is a journey, not a destination.

Why Detox?

Because our bodies are designed to detox naturally (Our organs like the skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, and colon are meant to filter out toxins.), some people are skeptical of the need to take detoxing a step further in a mindful way. While our bodies are fully doing that, it’s nearly impossible for it to do so in the modern, incredibly toxic world. We’re surrounded by toxins; there’s no escaping it. Everything from the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the air we breathe is filled with foreign particles that can do us harm and cause stress on our bodies. If you don’t know much about toxins, it can be quite alarming when you start to discover the severity of it, but have no fear! Once we accept our inability to completely avoid and rid ourselves of every toxin, detoxing is less intimidating and more practical. Just like everything else, if we prioritize and put our effort towards things that will generate the most return, it’s time well spent. Therefore, cleansing the systems that will build up our natural defenses is how we’ll eliminate the majority of the nastiness and reap the benefits of strong and well-functioning immune, digestive, and circulatory systems.


We mentioned some benefits of detoxing (specifically the colon) and how to maximize your mind and body for the Summer months, here, and while an approach in the spring is similar, we’ll discuss specifically HOW to do a spring detox in our next blog post. For now, (in case you’re not already convinced), we’ll address more reasons why a detox is important.

The clinical evidence for detoxing is still forthcoming, but it’s already widely known and accepted in the medical world that detoxing is hugely beneficial. The toxicity spectrum is vast, but depending on yours, you might be surprised at the results.

  • Improved Liver Function = Bloating, nausea, indigestion and a furred tongue vanishing.
  • Enhanced Intestine Function = No more gas and cramping.
  • Strengthened Lymphatic System = Less frequent colds and flu, and tiredness, cellulite, blemishes and puffy eyes banish.
  • Heightened Lung Function = clogged sinuses, congestion and nasal drip disappear.

‘“Cleansing the body helps with all sorts of health problems,” asserts naturopath Sarah Bowles Flannery. “Most people who detox experience a marked increase in energy. Often they see a clearer complexion and sparkling eyes. Concentration and mood are improved when you get rid of toxins that may have been affecting brain function and memory. Generally, you can count on feeling much more clear-headed.”’

Are you ready to truly feel and look better from the inside out?!

-Health & Wellness Coach
Michelle C.