Easter Holiday is celebrated time full of church gatherings, family and fun. Knowing this year’s celebrations may look a little different, FITTEAM researched the best family outdoor fun activities to ensure the joy of Easter continues.

We all know the classic Easter Egg Hunt is the BEST tried and true Easter Family activity but below we explore some additional fun outdoor activities great for the whole family!


Egg and Spoon Race:

This classic game is a crowd favorite! Grab some spoons from your kitchen along with some eggs, your friends and family and you are ready. Premark a start and finish line, we suggest at least 5 yards. Have each player place an egg on the spoon then have a bystander count down or signal the start. The first person to cross the finishing line with the egg still on their spoon wins. The catch is, if your egg falls off your spoon you have to go back to the starting line and start over. If you don’t like a mess, remember to use hardboiled eggs or if you like the added challenge stick with raw eggs.

Egg Push:

Talk about an Easter field day fun game! All you need is eggs! Mark a predetermined start and finish line. Have each participant line up on the start line with their egg. Each play sets their egg on the ground and then when the race starts the player must push the eggs only with their nose. If caught using a hand, they are automatically disqualified. First person to push their eggs over the finish line with their nose WINS. Not only is this hilarious it’s a pretty good workout!

Easter Bunny Egg Toss:

This game is a fun Easter play similar to the concept of corn hole. The game is simple, get the eggs into the Easter Bunny’s mouth. What you will need to create this game is a cardboard box, plastic easter eggs, hot glue and something to color with. First step is to make the Easter Bunny. Here’s how
1. Draw half a circle on the bottom of a cardboard box and cut out
2. Use another cardboard box to cut the ears out of
3. Paint or color all pieces if painting be sure to let dry
4. Hot glue the ears on
5. Draw on eyes and nose
6. Add any additional decorations.

Once the Bunny is made you are ready to play. Each player grabs plastic eggs and throws them into the Bunny’s mouth. Player who gets the most eggs in the Bunny’s mouth wins. Details for game can be found on Instagram @creatingcreatives

Paper Plate Bunny with Footprint Ears:

This DIY craft is a fan favorite. All you need is a paper plate, craft paper, crayons (or markers) and some glue.

Jellybean Jar Guess:

I bet you have all seen this before, but adults and kids alike love this game. Grab a clear jar of any size that you have around your house and fill with Jellybeans. Have each member of your household guess the number of the Jellybeans in the jar. At the end of the day count the Jellybeans and the winner receives the Jellybeans or a prize you have predetermined. Some good ideas for prizes: One week of no chores or “Queen or King” for the day – winner makes house rules for a day. Bonus points if you have a child learning how to count have them assist in the counting of the Jellybeans for an additional educational fun moment.

Spring Showers:

Players divide into teams. One member of each team puts a shower cap on their head topped with shaving cream or whipped cream. Once the players cap is on and ready to go assemble the other team member(s) approximately 3 to 5 feet away. Set a timer for 1 minute and have the team members throw Cheetos towards the shower cap. Each Cheetos that remains on the cap is worth 1 point. Team with most points (Cheetos on head) wins the game (5).