Fall fitness trends we love!

Fall fitness trends we love!

The days are cooling down and the nights are coming faster but that is no excuse to put your fitness routine on pause! In fact, fall brings its own new ways to stay on top of your fitness game.

Take advantage of the cooler weather and take your workout outside. With the cooler temperatures outside you can last longer and not to mention the fall scenery provides a beautiful view. One of the best ways to do this is to find a hiking trail to explore. Hiking can hit several muscles groups and provide not only strength but a cardio workout to. Or if you are looking to trick yourself into working out try apple picking. This fall activity can get the whole body in motion, stretching, twisting, and carrying apples. Yard work is always a great way to get a workout in. Take raking leaves, you’ll get a full body workout while enjoying the outdoors and making the yard look great.

If cooler weather isn’t your thing, don’t worry, fall brings new opportunities to try all the indoor activities you’ve been dying to try. Always wanted to try yoga, now’s the time. Some other indoor activities that may be fun are, Tai Chi, CrossFit, Karate, indoor rock climbing, Barre, Pilates or get a personal trainer to push you through the winter. Use this fall to your advantage and try all of the indoor activities you’ve been waiting on.

Create an at home workout routine. There are endless free apps, shows, and sources to help you get fit in the comfort of your own home. Whether you like working out alone or with a group there is a program for you.

Fall fitness trends aren’t limited to just workouts, lets dive into some of the fall selfcare trends.

Indulge in new fall activewear, studies have shown that when you get new workout cloths you are more likely to follow through with your workout. Be sure treat yourself to some new gear specifically for the fall weather.  You want to feel good when you step out of the house and well prepared for what you will encounter along the way.

Try making recipes that use in-season foods, this will be a great way to add new flavors into the daily mix while adding valuable nutrition into your diet. Try adding items such as, apples, pumpkin, pecans, squash, carrots pears and pomegranates just to name a few.

Here at FITTEAM we love all things fall and embrace the changing of the seasons. Here are some ways we can help you embrace fall, check out our blog with tons of fall recipes on, visit our activewear offerings for the best fall looks, or take advantage of our products to help you achieve your fall fitness goals!


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