Feedback = Growth

Feedback = Growth

Accepting feedback or any form of constructive criticism can be a challenge. We often take it personal or feel attacked when that is very rarely the true intention of any feedback given. Today we discuss ways to accept feedback positively so that we can learn, grow and improve from the feedback.

Listen! One of the first steps to accepting feedback is to listen and try to understand the feedback. This is called active listening and when receiving what is perceived as criticism this can be hard. Next time someone is providing feedback be sure to listen, don’t zone out or start thinking of your rebuttal but rather try to internalize what they are saying. Ask questions at the end for clarity if needed or even ask for suggestions on how to improve. You can’t make a change for the positive if you don’t hear the negative.

Mindset! It is important to remember the person providing the feedback is there to help you grow. Their intention is to help you approve upon your skills. If you come into the conversation with the mindset and desire to always improve and grow than their feedback will come across as welcomed and informative opposed to hurtful and critical. No one is perfect and there is room for each of us to get better in every facet of our life.

Reaction! Try to not instantly react to the feedback you receive but rather take some deep breaths and allow yourself time to process what was said. Don’t make your immediate reaction defensive or angry, instead ask questions to seek better understand of the feedback. If you are able to understand the feedback without being too hard on yourself or those giving it, then you will come out on top.

Growth is necessary for success and feedback is necessary for growth. Try to make yourself approachable and open to feedback so that you can continue to evolve and grow professionally and personally.