The FIT Five: On­-the-­Go Protein Snacks

The FIT Five: On­-the-­Go Protein Snacks

The FIT Five: On­the­Go Protein Snacks

We talked about how significant protein is (here), but do you know how to put that knowledge to use and start making smarter snacking decisions? If not, FITTEAM is here! We’ve compiled a quick list of 5 powerful, protein snacks for you that are not only nutritious, but also easy to prepare and travel with so you’ll never go hungry.

1. Edamame

Protein: 8 grams per half cup

90­ calorie, microwave packs not only have satiating protein power, but also have fiber. The combo of protein and fiber fights hunger longer than protein alone. Dry roasted edamame has even more protein (14 grams), and can satisfy a need for something crunchy to snack on. *Tip* Be mindful when shopping; soy can be loaded with GMO’s, so be sure to look for the “Organic” and “Non­GMO” product labels.

2. Tuna pouch

Protein: approx. 16 grams per pouch

You don’t have to open a can anymore; you can buy tuna in a pouch! Draining isn’t required, and it’s easy to pack and eat on the go. Not only does each packet contains a ton of protein, but it also has 100% of your daily recommended value of selenium ­ an antioxidant powerhouse! Many grocers carry more than plain packs, so you’ll have flavorful options!

3. Jerky

Protein: 7 to 11 grams per 1 ­ounce serving

Brands like Krave and Perky Jerky are taking jerky to a whole new level. Made with pork, beef, and turkey, bags are convenient and flavors are more enticing (i.e. basil citrus and teriyaki). *TIP* Be sure to buy nitrate­free brands, and be mindful of the sodium content, sugar and preservatives.

4. Nut Packs

Protein: 3­4 grams (per 100 calorie serving)

Do you know what an average 100 calorie serving of nuts actually looks like? If you’re like most and don’t have time to count and dispense into portion­controlled packs, you can buy them ready to go! Walnuts, cashews, and almonds are all sold in pre­packaged, snack packs. When you’re seeking

a more significant protein source, go almonds; they have slightly more protein comparatively. Adding dried (unsweetened) fruit and/or seeds can add fiber to your homemade trailmix, too!

5. Single­Serving Oatmeal Packets or Cups

Protein: About 4 grams per packet or cup

All you have to do is add hot water! At 150­200 calories per serving (depending on the flavor), it’s hard to beat this protein­ and fiber­packed snack. Dr. McDougall’s, N’Joy, and other companies now sell convenient cups, but they can tend to be sugar­laden. To control what’s in your cup, you can carry a packet with you and ask for a cup with hot water at any fast­food place or coffee shop. If you ever feel the need for a little flavor boost, sliced bananas with cinnamon, almonds, or some natural, low­calorie sweetener can go a long way.

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-Health & Wellness Coach
Michelle C.