How Fitness Makes You a Better Leader

How Fitness Makes You a Better Leader

You don’t have to own and run a Fortune 500 company, organize a revolution, or even have thousands of followers to be considered a great leader (at least in our opinion). Being a leader is SO much more than that! Many tend to agree a great leader is defined by their character traits and the way they inspire action and feelings in others. In general, leaders tend to possess similar personality qualities (ex. integrity, confidence, patience, and passion); they’re able to captivate an audience (even if it’s just one person), motivate, and inspire change.

At FITTEAM, we are committed to improving lives globally by providing a vehicle for people to get “FIT” physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally. Via different mechanisms, we develop our team to be just that – great leaders. “We take action together.”, and we truly believe fitness serves as a catalyst for better leadership. Curious how? Here are 5 ways fitness makes you a better leader:

1. Energy: Exercising regularly naturally increases energy throughout the day.

Juggling a million tasks and responsibilities can be overwhelming in and of itself, but when your energy is zapped, it’s even less fun. Increased energy will allow you to take on whatever life throws at you more efficiently and effectively; you’re able to focus and be more productive.

2. Confidence: Fitness builds overall confidence in your abilities.

Continuously pushing past physical and mental barriers in workouts and staying strong on your meal plan creates a sense of progress and achievement – Feels good, doesn’t it?! Not only that, but when we feel good (and often look better because of our fitness efforts), we’re apt to approach other situations in life with a confident demeanor.
You might even want to throw a workout in before your next big meeting, speaking engagement, or pitch… Anxious about an upcoming presentation? Well, recall how nervous you were at the start of your last 5K and how you CRUSHED IT!!! You’re UNSTOPPABLE!!! 🙂

3. Perseverance: Fitness training constantly pushes you beyond your “comfort zone”, mentally and physically.

Continuously creating and surpassing challenges for yourself increases your stamina and ability to endure physical and mental suffering. You’re constantly learning, growing, and improving, regardless of the circumstance.
As a leader, how you approach challenges is pivotal to success; maintaining focus and persevering (even when it’s difficult) often distinguishes between those who are able to succeed versus those who either become stagnate or quit.

4. Positive Mindset: Exercise naturally boosts your mood, allowing you to both manage stress and approach life with a positive outlook.

We all know exercise releases those “feel good” neurotransmitters (endorphins). It’s also been shown to reduce symptoms associated with anxiety and depression, while also improving sleeping patterns. (Impressive, isn’t it?!) When we’re physically functioning at our best, our minds are more apt to operate from a positive state because it’s not busy tending to other issues that might be going on physically. As your body heals, your mind heals, and you’re able to focus on the things that really matter.

5. Influence: Being fit and radiating more positive energy and results will emanate to those around you.

“Leading by example” and living with integrity are great ways to influence those around you. We all have areas in our lives we can be more fit (i.e. physical, financial, spiritual, and emotional). Afterall, it’s a journey, not a destination. So, being a testament of fitness in your own life is a great way to have an impact on others.

You can’t expect to be a true leaders and foster a culture of fitness for the people in your life unless you’re physically fit and promote overall wellness yourself. What questions do you have about becoming more fit in different areas in your life? We’re here to help!

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