FITTEAM Family Reunion 2016

FITTEAM Family Reunion 2016

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.—A lively group of FITTEAM Global affiliates invaded the Twin Cities to share their love of FIT and the company that they call family.

This year’s third event, FITTEAM Global’s “Family Reunion,” kicked off Thursday night with a wonderful night out shared by Emerald Executives and above, along with the corporate staff at the renowned Dakota Jazz Club. The group enjoyed a night filled with music, food and drinks as they embraced the Minnesota night life.

Friday morning started off with a brisk fitness walk along the Loring Greenway and park that shared the same name. Over seventy participants joined the walk as another part of Minneapolis was explored and soaked in.

With a few hours of shopping the FITTEAM store in mid-afternoon, the FITTEAM Family converged in the Hilton Hotel lobby for a meet and greet between affiliates, their respective teams and the corporate staff. Talks about their successes, travels and anticipation of Saturday’s event echoed downstairs as the enthusiasm and excitement was truly taking over the crowd.

Doors opened in Salon D on the third floor early Saturday morning and a sea of FITTEAM affiliates flooded the large room, greeted with energy and high-fives from the corporate team. Several minutes passed before everyone took their seats and officially began the event with VP Marketing, Chad Hummel, addressing the crowd.

First up to the stage was VP Business Development, Ryan Hummel, as he introduced the affiliates of various rankings and invited the affiliates up to the stage for recognition.

Following that presentation, nine affiliates provided their inspirational testimonial stories to the crowd.

Arguably the highlight of the event took place when VP Sales, Brent Niblo, announced two brand new websites to the FITTEAM Family: FITTEAM Training ( and FITTEAM Builder (

Both websites are exclusive to FITTEAM affiliates and will further their overall experience with the company by providing training videos, up-to-date status rankings and much, much more.

COO Calvenn Starre took to the stage shortly after and gave an informative and humorous presentation on how to keep FITTEAM as strong as possible moving forward.

A brief lunch break followed as the FITTEAM Family got to mingle with others about how the event was going and their biggest takeaways.

The second half of the afternoon started off with an impromptu dance-off between several affiliates and corporate team members. The excited group could not wait to further their training and experience at the Family Reunion event.

FITTEAM Global was honored to have Navy SEAL, Commander Mark McGinnis return and speak to the crowd for his second event. The presentation was perfectly executed—like all of his missions—to relate tactics used by the Navy SEALS for the FITTEAM affiliates to help further their growth within the company. There was a brief Q&A following his informative, sometimes humorous and well prepared speech.

Everyone in the room rose to their feet for a standing ovation as the Commander exited the stage.

Wrapping up the event were the announcements of the winners for various prizes, including fly-ins to the Corporate Offices in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and the driver of the next leg with the FITTEAM Range Rover.

Most powerfully in the final moments were the “Whys” given by aspiring Diamond Executives as to why they will attain that lofty rank.

Despite the long day inside the hotel, that did not stop the FITTEAM Family from exploring downtown Minneapolis. Well known restaurants like Hell’s Kitchen, The Local, and Ling and Louie’s were dined at, some attended Sommerfest, a musical fest a block away from the hotel in the Target Atrium and others found their way to Chanhassen to pay tribute outside of Paisley Park to the late musical and entertainment icon and Minnesota native, Prince. The visit was further made special by purple lights illuminating the rain coming down Saturday evening.

The next event, “Dream Bigger”, will take place in Cleveland, Ohio from October 14-15th.