FITTEAM Family Reunion!

FITTEAM Family Reunion!

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone that attended the FITTEAM Family reunion last weekend in Louisville Kentucky, because of all of you this event was the best FITTEAM has ever had. We would also like to give a special thanks to our speakers; the famous author of books such as No Excuse Leadership and Tested – Brace Barber and our personal EVO back-office programming genius – Steven Hooper. Their messages of no excuse leadership and staying in touch with your team resonated with all. FITTEAM would also like to thank Churchill Downs for recognizing FITTEAM as one of the best groups they have hosted and sharing the rich history of the iconic venue with our Bronze through Emerald Executives, they deserved every second of it.

Amidst the training, we hope everyone enjoyed the dance-off inspired by Maria Pumarejo (shout-out to Debby Gasperoni’s worm) and getting into the deeper sides of things by exploring dreams with Brent Niblo’s fireside talk. They both reminded all of us of how important it is to always listen and build a rapport with those around you.

Everyone here at FITTEAM started for a reason and we encourage you to always keep sight of that WHY.
We urge you to continue to write down your dreams and the ways (action items) you intend to reach them so that our next event we can congratulate you on reaching your goals.

For more information on the next FITTEAM event please

We look forward to seeing you there!