FITTEAM LEAN: Your New Favorite Plant-Based Protein Powder

FITTEAM LEAN: Your New Favorite Plant-Based Protein Powder

FITTEAM LEAN: Your New Favorite Plant-Based Protein Powder

Whether you want to increase your protein intake, add more variety to your diet, or add more protein to your meals, you may be considering utilizing a protein powder!

The popularity of plant-based protein powder is on the rise and more and more people are choosing this option over an animal based powder such as whey, one main reason is that people are realizing plants serve as a good source of protein and can offer additional health benefits.

In terms of digestion, in some individuals, whey protein causes stomach irritation and digestive issues, and this type of protein may be especially problematic for those who have dairy or lactose intolerances1.

Additionally, some studies show that drinking milk and consuming whey protein supplements (including whey protein powder) are associated with an increased risk of acne in some individuals. Choosing a plant-based alternative may help reduce the occurrence of acne or skin issues2.

Beyond their advantages for personal wellness, proteins from plants also make a difference for the environment. According to the World Resources Institute, plant foods have an advantage over animal products in terms of land use, freshwater consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions3.

FITTEAM LEAN is a delicious, USDA organic, plant-based protein powder that utilizes vegan sources such as brown rice, chia and pea protein. FITTEAM LEAN comes in convenient stick packs to make it easy to keep in your purse or gym bag and it easily mixes with water or your favorite milk such as almond or coconut milk. The creamy vanilla flavor makes it versatile for use in all of your favorite smoothie recipes, you can find some FITTEAM LEAN recipes here!

Bottom Line: Protein powders are a great supplement that can support muscle growth and weight loss efforts. Plant-based protein powders in particular have many benefits for you and the environment as well! FITTEAM LEAN is a great way to incorporate plant-based, vegan protein into your diet!

Maryann Walsh, MFN, RD, CDE
Registered Dietitian/ Consultant