Five Ways to Practice Self-Care

Five Ways to Practice Self-Care

We all know that self-care is important, but do you struggle with practicing self-care? Below we look at some of the BEST ways to take care of yourself!

Exercise: Okay okay okay, I hear your mumbles through the screen. We know not everyone enjoys working out and may dread going to a gym, but that could be because you haven’t found the right outlet to move your body. Exercise doesn’t have to be in a gym it can be so much more such as, playing soccer with your kids, talking a walk along the beach, going for a hike, riding a bike around town, doing yoga, playing shuffleboard and the list goes on and on. The key is to do something physically active that raises your heart rate because the benefits to exercise aren’t just physical. Psychiatrist Neelima Kunam, MD, medical director at Inland Psych in Redlands, California, says “Regular exercise is associated with better brain health. Keeping our brain functioning is important since it plays a large role in our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors (3).”  Get out there and move your body anyway you can!


Disconnect: This may be considered a new generational form of self-care but disconnecting from your phone and computer can do wonders for your soul/mind. In today’s world we are connected 24/7 meaning you are always accessible which let’s face it can be stressful. This constant access can also create additions and dependencies around electronic connection leading to a whole other set of stressors and issues. One way to start to break the mold and reset it so schedule airplane mode time, this will remind you to put the phone down, turn of the computer and reflect on the things actually happening around you which can breathe fresh perspective.


Say No: The power of saying no is a great way to practice self-care. Most people often spread themselves to thin by agreeing to obligations they don’t really want to. Allowing yourself to say no to things you simply don’t want to do means you can focus your mind, time, and effort on the things you want that spark joy. So next time you get an invite to dinner and in your mind, you immediately groan pay attention to that feeling and simply say no.


Get Organized: This can mean something different to all of us, but the one goal is to remove clutter. Removing clutter from your surrounding and life can instantly cause relief. This could be as simple as getting a planner so you can better manage time and see what clutters your day. This could be cleaning off the “junk” table because every time you walk by it you get a little anxious. Maybe this is hiring a cleaning lady so that when you get home form a long day of work you walk into a clean house and sigh relief. Whatever it is to you, get organized.


Sleep: Sleep is often the most important part of our day but it the part that gets the least attention. The first thing to go on a busy day is sleep we get up earlier or we wind up going to bed earlier. Not getting enough proper sleep can have huge impact on our emotional and physically wellbeing. Practice self-care by ensuring you perform a proper sleep routine.

At FITTEAM we understand how important self-care is and encourage you to take the time you need to put yourself first!