Food Peer Pressure

Food Peer Pressure

If you have been in a FIT30 group prior, you probably have heard me talk about food peer pressure! As silly as it sounds, as adults we can still get peer pressured into eating foods that we maybe don’t even want to eat or that we know are not going to help us achieve our goals.

As spring approaches and spring holidays and cookouts also approach, I highly encourage you to think about how you will handle “food pushers.” Here are some things you can consider saying when someone is pressuring you to eat something that you really just don’t want or that you know is not going to help you on your path to achieving your weight loss or nutrition goals:

  • A simple “No thanks.”
  • “Thanks so much but…my doctor and dietitian don’t recommend that for me, but thank you anyway.”
  • “It really looks delicious, but I’m going to have to pass for now, thank you though!”
  • “I am already full, but I would love to take some home to try tomorrow!”
  • “This looks awesome, but xyz ingredient hasn’t been agreeing with me lately!”

Keep some of these sentences ready to deploy in your mind in the event that you encounter any food peer pressure this spring and summer!

Remember, this is your journey!

Your’s in health,