Hacks to Holiday Gift Giving 

Hacks to Holiday Gift Giving 

Love it or hate it, gift giving season is upon us. However, don’t fret, we are here to help you navigate the perfect gifts for any occasion while staying on budget. 

First and foremost get a plan and budget in the place, the easiest way to do this is to follow these steps: 

  1. Make a list of everyone you need to get a gift for
  2. Write a couple gift ideas down next to each name 
  3. Decide if any of these gifts can be “regifts”, homemade gifts or a service you can provide
  4. Review your finances set a total amount of money you feel comfortable spending 

Now that you have a plan and budget mapped out you can focus on the fun part, the gifts! 

Start by sorting through your list are there any gifts that can be “bulk gifts”? For example, every year for the holidays my hair dresser gives me homemade Christmas crunch, this is her families secret snack mix. This cost her less than a dollar a person yet every year just like me all of her clients look forward to it. It is important to remember gifts don’t need to be or expensive a thoughtful gesture can go a long way. Another great bulk gift idea can be wine, instead of buying one bottle, buy a case. When purchasing a case or in bulk you usually get a significant discount this will help you save overall. 

Can anything be handmade? Are you a great knitter, do you have extra yarn around? Make a blanket. Do you know how to make jewelry and have extra supplies? Make a piece of jewelry. Anything handmade is always a win, it shows you took the time an effort to personalize something. This gift may cost you time but no money which will help you stay within budget. 

Just like handmade gifts you can provide acts of service (time). Most of the time these services wont cost money but only time. Do you own a lawn mower does your grandma need her lawn mowed – mow it. Does a familiar member need a sitter for a night out, volunteer your services. Sometimes these small service acts can mean so much to those you are gifting them to. 

Get over that made up taboo fear in your head and try regifting! Did you receive a bottle opener but don’t drink, this would be the perfect regift for someone that does. Regifting can be a practical way to get rid of worthwhile or valuable gifts you have no use for, especially things like gift cards to stores you don’t frequent. However, tt is important to remember the following when regifting: only regift if whoever you are giving it to will enjoy it, never regift to the person who gave you the present and lastly, only give presents you haven’t used yet

Go in on a group gift! Coordinate with others on the perfect gift, you may not be able to afford the perfect gift but could you and 5 others? Most people prefer to receive one gift they really want vs a bunch of random gifts they have no use for. 

Go with a heartfelt gift. There a hundreds of ways to do this but here are some create ideas to get your started: 

  • Create video montage/tribute 
  • Create a time capsule for them
  • Write them a heartfelt letter/poem have it framed or do a series that they can read over time 
  • Create a picture college 
  • Share mementos, such as a scape book of times you have spent together
  • Create a mixtape or playlist for them 

If you do want to get gifts that cost the big bucks, try to help your pockets by using the resources available to you. 

  • Check for sales and stores that price match
  • Do you have reward points that you can use, sometimes the points can even make your purchase free
  • Do you have unused gift cards, use these to purchase your gifts
  • Check out pawn shops, consignment stores or thrift stores. These can be hidden gems because even though your paid less money the value of this gift remains the same

We hope this season of holiday gift giving proves to be easier than ever and don’t forget if you are looking to give the gift of health and opportunity we’ve got you covered! Check out our amazing line of products that make the perfect gift!