Keeping your healthy habits all year long.

Keeping your healthy habits all year long.

Keeping your healthy habits all year long.

Where are you with your new year resolutions or goals? Hopefully you are still right on track. If not, don’t worry you can always get back on track RIGHT NOW! Resolutions at their core are all about changing and creating healthy habits. We all know creating and keeping these intended healthy habits can be harder than it appears. Did you know that, on average it takes 66 days to create or change a habit (3)? That’s right, over two months for the new behavior to seem automatic. In the big scheme of life and time, two months does not seem like a lot of time to dedicate to a healthy change. The tips below will help you stay on track and before you know it your new healthy habits will become unnoticeable and just part of your daily routine.


Know your current habits:

Become aware of your current habits. Do you notice that you snack while you eat TV? Do you find yourself saying yes to things you wish you would have said no to just out of habit? Recognizing and becoming self-aware of your current patterns and behaviors will help you understand how to change them. By disrupting your current and maybe not so good habits you can start to change and replace them with new actions that align with your goals.


Make better choices everyday:

Consistency is key. Changing your habits and sticking to habits is so much easier if you stay consistent. This means pushing through even on the days you may not be so keen on doing so! For example, say your goal was to move more so every day you started taking a morning walk. Now, two weeks in you wake up and your tired and do not feel like walking. Encourage and remind yourself of the bigger goal and that this small walk will put you back in a good mood by the time it’s done. If you simply can’t bring yourself to walk, try something else that day take a class go for a bike ride but stay consistent in your goal to move more! Pro tip: Don’t let the weekends ruin your habits either. Staying consistent to making better choices all seven days will help you form and keep habits.


Make a plan:

Do you have a plan in place to help you stick to your healthy habits? If not, get one! Try scheduling out the things you want to incorporate into your day. Or if you habit is saying yes less, have a plan of what you will when presented with the question. Having a plan can help you stay away from the things in your life that will derail you. In addition, I encourage you to tell your friends and family about your plan. Have them come along as part of the journey, not only will they provide a layer of accountability, but they can become your support system.


Stay on track:

Try to avoid negative thoughts, and when you notice them creeping in, assess them and their reality and how it can really be seen as a positive. Celebrating your little victories along the way so that you continue to stay motivated and remind yourself of all the work you are doing are great ways to keep in-line with positive self-talk. Another way to help you stay on track it to keep a record, seeing your success will remind you that you are capable and work as a reminder to always push forward. “The more you practice self-control, the better you become at it,” says Dr. Leonard Epstein (2). Always remember to forgive yourself for a bad day. Just remember to get back to your healthy habits the next day! Remember to be patient this is not an overnight fix but rather a journey to better, healthier habits for your life.


Think future:

Lastly, remember to focus on your “why” and the future. The habits you are working on creating and sticking to will not only lead to your future goals but a happier version of yourself. After a year goes by and you become unaware of your new healthy habit because they have become your normal you can work to redefine and continue to become the best version of yourself.


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