Holistic Health: Refresh and Renew What’s not Serving You

Holistic Health: Refresh and Renew What’s not Serving You

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Holistic Health: Refresh and Renew What’s not Serving You

It’s finally Spring! – the time to refresh, renew, and let go of what’s not serving us (physically, mentally, and emotionally)! Believe it or not, there may be some habits you’re hanging onto that affect you mentally, emotionally, and ultimately, keep you from achieving your physical health goals, too.

Physical Detox

You can refer to our previous blog posts, here, here, and here, to read more about physical benefits of detox, and how to start, but for purposes of this article, we’ll reiterate the basics. Our body is a beautifully intelligent system with built-in mechanisms for detox. Organs such as our kidneys, liver and skin are constantly filtering and flushing out toxins from both our internal and external environments.

How can we help our body with the process? The best thing we can do is to tax our system less; that means less artificial/processed foods, sugar, and caffeine. Eating less in terms of quantity and eating more QUALITY foods (organic fruits and vegetables), and drinking plenty of water will help our body run more optimally.

Then, sweat it out! Workouts, yoga, and saunas help enhanced the process even more by ridding your body of the toxins it’s worked so hard to filter out of your cells. Out with the old, and in with the new!

Mental Detox

A spectacular side effect of Spring cleaning your body is that it naturally helps your mind, too. When we’re physically functioning well, our mind is able to follow. Proper nutrition and exercise improves blood circulation and the health of our cells, allowing our brain to receive more oxygen and nourishment, greatly enhancing our mental capacities.

Awareness makes a difference. Choosing to be mindful of our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors can have an impact on our overall wellness. You have the power to renew your thoughts and mental state. It’s a time to renew all aspects of our lives. De-cluttering your living and work space can help with the physical and mental energy flow throughout your life. “As we are de-cluttering our “stuff” we are de-cluttering our minds. Begin to gently, yet seriously, re-evaluate the key areas of our lives – work (career), relationships and health.” How can you make decisions that will leave you feeling fresh and renewed?

Soul Detox

We are whole beings, comprised of a mind, body and “spirit”, so our soul will also benefit from the physical and mental cleansing we do. Meditating and releasing innermost thoughts and feelings by journaling can be very detoxing for us. When we physically write thoughts down, it serves as an opportunity to heal because we’re taking action in releasing them. Removing doubts and fears from our subconscious, helps make room for our hopes and dreams.

We’re able to connect with a Higher Sense of self rather than dwelling on thoughts that no longer serve us. Simple acts of kindness can uplift our soul, too. Caring for a loved one, listening to and trusting our heart, and surrounding ourselves with loving relationships all feed our soul with joy.

What would you add to this mind, body, soul detox regimen?

-Health & Wellness Coach
Michelle C.