How to fight anxiety!

How to fight anxiety!

Does your day to day ever feel stressful, or do you find yourself experiencing anxiety? Well, you are not alone, according to there has been a significant increase in anxiety disorder cases and episodes globally. This feel of anxiousness, fear or nervousness can seem debilitating even leading to panic attacks or new phobias, but did you know there are ways to help calm the nerves? Below we look into ways to identify and cope with anxiety.


The first step in combating anxiety is trying to figure out the root cause. Most commonly anxiety is an expression of fear, a fear of something going wrong in the future (3). This internal fear often comes from elements of the unknown which can make it impossible to solve but once you can recognize the fear causing the anxiety you can work to ease the fear or even eliminating it which in turn will reduce or eliminate that anxious feeling.

Part of fighting anxiety is self-exploration, getting to know yourself better. Are you able to pinpoint your fear? Are you able to face your fear? Start by trying to recognize when you are having negative thoughts write it down, write down when you feel anxious or like something is amiss. Keeping a record will allow you to learn more about your anxiety and knowledge is power.

This one may seem intuitive but breath, just breath. When you take deep long breathes, inhaling and exhaling slowly, your body will naturally slow your heart rate which will in turn cause your nerves to calm. Don’t skip this step, this is one of the best ways to combat when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Move, move your body. This is twofold if you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious try talking a walk in that moment, it will allow your mind to escape the situation. Also plan to move or set up a time to exercise and try to move your body daily. This can become a routine that realigns your focus and allows you to express your negative energy out and replace it with positive. Not to mention moving your body is good for your overall physical and mental health.

Try removing alcohol and caffeine from your diet and get a good night’s rest. Caffeine is known to trigger anxiety so avoiding it can do no harm, while getting a good night’s sleep will allow your body to recoup from the stress and re-balance.

One way that can help is eating a healthy balance diet, maintaining healthy energy throughout the day will help fight away anxiety. Did you know FITTEAM supplements contain ingredients that are known to reduce anxiety such as ashwaganadha and green tea.

Therapy & self-relaxation are known to help. Having someone else hear your internal workings and provide an outlet for your thoughts can be a great coping mechanism. Meditation and listening to music are great ways to shift focus and calm the mind.

Lastly, understand you cannot control everything (1). Understanding that you cannot always predict or control an outcome will calm your mind and ease stress about what that outcome will be. This can also help you maintain a positive outlook on situations.

Everyone experiences fear, stress and anxiety it is important to remember you re not alone and there are endless resources available to help. Here at FITTEAM we value overall health and wellness including metal health, we are here to support and encourage you to be your absolute best. We know this pandemic hasn’t been easy