How to find comfort in uncomfortable situations.

How to find comfort in uncomfortable situations.

Some may be asking who would willing put themselves in an uncomfortable situation but being uncomfortable is more valuable than most realize. The more often someone is able to conquer an uncomfortable situation the more likely they are to grow, and we all know that in order to reach success, growth is critical both personally and professionally. This means at some point every one of us will be placed in a situation where we feel uncomfortable, instead of retreating or fearing this discomfort we must learn to embrace it, welcome it and learn how to use it to our advantage.

Learning how to find this comfort isn’t always easy, we can be debilitated but anxiety, stress and fear. However, there are some tried and true fundamentals to help us all approach this discomfort and come out on top with a better sense of self and purpose.



Maybe there is fear surrounding an interview, conversation with a boss or even starting a business. No matter how big or how small the situation or fear, the first step and often the hardest, is actually showing up and starting. Remember starting small is okay, maybe it as simple as trying a new recipe or trying a new running path a time we can try something new and feel slightly uncomfortable we should go for it.


We have all been in a place where we have wanted to quit. Feeling lost, scared or anxious, this is the time to embrace the process, understand that growth will come from this place and that most things will be comfortable at first. Someone is always giving up; this is where we can set ourselves apart from others and choose to move forward. This is where we need to be our own cheerleader, repurpose this discomfort into a chance to experience positive growth.


Embracing and recognizing how we feel during these uncomfortable situations is key.  If we are able to understand we will get through the discomfort and that because of it we are better off, this will help us become prepared for future situations. Making us more comfortable in taking risks and opportunities of growth in the future.


Once an uncomfortable situation has been conquered, we should take the time to reflect and assess the growth that has happened. Form there repeat this process, repeat the action of facing discomfort. This will process will continue to foster growth.

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