How to support your team as a leader!

How to support your team as a leader!

How to support your team as a leader.


By definition a leader is – the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. But what does it really mean to lead? Think about the best manager or boss you have ever had, what do you remember? I am sure it wasn’t them talking down to you or questioning your abilities but rather them supporting you through a challenge or helping you grow into a new position. You remember these positive qualities because the best leaders come in the form of supporters. Leaders who learn to empower their team and genuinely care about their team are the true definition of great leaders. Below we take a look at ways to build strong leadership habits to create successful teams.



Communication in critical! You want to make sure you always have an open and honest line of communication with your team. Communication comes in all forms, virtually, face-to-face, written or verbal and should be used in the most effective way. Effective communication with your team is about understanding the roles and responsibilities so expectations are aligned. As a leader you should be able to help your team with brainstorming, provide motivation and constructive feedback when needed. Part of effective communication is also to partake in active listening. Make sure you are understanding what your team needs from you to make them the best.



Our world has been more stressful and more unpredictable than ever so this leadership characteristic has never been more important. Checking-in means more than just checking in to see where they are at on a task or completing a job, but it also means checking in with them personally and emotionally. Building a foundation of trust and understanding that you have your teams back will allow your team to feel supported and create a positive culture where they can turn to you for advice and assistance rather than only turning to you in crisis or when a project is failing.


Be Inclusive

Leading a team, you are faced with many different personalities, strengths, and weakness however when all combined the greatest outcomes can be achieved. By creating a culture of inclusion, you are creating an environment where teammates can turn to one another for support, problem solving and new ideas which ultimately fosters growth. I mean the saying teamwork makes the dream work is a saying for a reason. If everyone feels a part of the team the dream just keeps getting better.



Little wins to big wins need to be acknowledged. Too often managers will only acknowledge when something wrong or incorrect which can deflate a team. A simple thank you, good work or praise on a job well done can go a very long way. It is also important to reward your team for success consider bonuses if possible or public praise.


Be an example

Leading by example is the best way to show your team how its done. Set goals for yourself, call yourself out or ask for help when needed, communicate, respect those around you, etc. Any standard you expect of your team you should hold yourself accountable to.


These are just some of the ways you can work to support your team and become the best leader possible! Here at FITTEAM we encourage each of our team members and leaders to become the best versions of themselves through supporting one another on their way to success.