Hydrating Watermelon Summer Salad

Hydrating Watermelon Summer Salad

Hydrating Watermelon Summer Salad

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The cooling and hydrating properties of these ingredients (with the exception of the jalapeno, of course) make this salad a wonderful addition to any of your Summer meals. Bring it to a BBQ, snack on it by the pool. Enjoy it anytime!

TOTAL TIME 15 mins

Serves 4


● 3 cups seedless watermelon, cubed

● 2 cups cucumber, cubed

● 1 cup yellow bell pepper, diced

● 1⁄2 cup red onion, diced

● 1 avocado, cubed

● 1⁄4 cup cilantro, finely chopped

● 1 jalapeno, chopped (optional)*

● 1⁄4 cup sunflower seeds, shelled (optional)

● 1⁄4 cup avocado oil

● 2 tbsp freshly squeezed orange juice

● 2 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice

● 1⁄8 tsp pink himalayan sea salt

● 1⁄8 tsp fresh ground pepper

1. Combine watermelon, cucumber, bell pepper and onion in large bowl. (add jalapeno


2. In a container with a with lid, combine avocado oil, orange juice, lime juice, salt and

pepper. Shake dressing ingredients to combine.

3. Adjust salt and pepper to taste.

4. Toss into watermelon mix.

5. Add cilantro and diced avocado and gently mix.

6. Cover and refrigerate for 15 minutes.

7. Garnish with sunflower seeds before serving.


-Health & Wellness Coach
Michelle C.