Importance of Kindness

Importance of Kindness

Most think of the holiday season and end of the year as a joyous time, with tons of excitement and fun. However, it can also bring out the worst in people, selfishness, agitation, lack of patience and sadness just to name a few traits. That’s why today we want to focus on the importance of showing kindness throughout the holiday season and every day because you never know what others around you are going through.

We have all heard it is better to give than to receive but this is more than just a saying it true in so many ways. One way is that kindness has been linked to our overall wellbeing. According to APA PsycNet and TIS, studies have shown that treating other with kindness such as cooperation, compassion and trust leads to better physical an mental health. “Interestingly, there were more well-being benefits linked to “informal helping” or spontaneous acts of kindness.” Loosely put by being kind you can maintain a better level of overall health.

Reduced stress, showing kindness to other can help reduce overall stress. The stress you personally experience and the stress other experience by helping to reduce the cortisol levels in our bodies. Considering the holidays can bring unexpected stress this is a great thing to keep in mind as we round out the year.

Showing others kindness can help alleviate feelings of loneliness or isolation.  The holiday season can be one of the loneliest times of the year for those who don’t have close family or friendships or for those who have lost their loved ones along the way. So by reaching out, volunteering, going the extra step to help someone can have huge payoffs behind the scene.

As TIS says, kindness is contagious, and we couldn’t agree more! When someone is treated with kindness, they themselves are often in a better mood and more likely to be kind in the interactions they will have after that moment. Think if “paying it forward”, this trend is true. Not only is kindness contagious but it can also boost self-esteem for those showing and receiving the kindness. This increased self-esteem can be seen by others and ultimately creates this great cycle of people doing good and feeling good!

If you are ever looking for a community to show you kindness FITTEAM is here for you! We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season a wonderful end of the year.