Importance of Mental Health 

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Importance of Mental Health 

Many hear mental health and think “I’m happy, my mental health must be good” or “I’m sad, my mental health must be bad” but the truth is everyone will experience a variety of highs lows throughout their life and many of us never stop to think about what mental health really means and how it can affect us. Mental health can have an impact on every aspect of our overall well-being. According to “Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.”

Considering our mental health seems to affect… well everything, we should make it a priority. Positive mental health can help people realize their full potential, cope with the stresses, work productively and make meaningful contributions to their communities. [1] Understanding the overall impact mental health can have your well-being and what having positive mental health benefits we should all be taking the steps to ensure we keep our mental health in tip top shape.

Even though the process in which we all take to stay positive (and sane) is drastically different, thereare many basic actions that everyone can try to incorporate to help keep positive mental health.

Eat Right:

  • Chose a balanced healthy diet that works for you, want to learn more about how to eat right, check out https://www.choosemyplate.govfor tips and trackers.

Be Active and Exercise

  • Exercising regularly can increase your self-esteem and confidence; reduce your feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression; improve your sleep; and help you maintain a healthy weight. Looking for a new workout and something you can do in the comfort of your home? Tune into FITTEAM’s live workout stream every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Connect and Help Others

  • Connecting with a trusted friend family member or support group can make you feel better and reduce the amount of stress you experience.
  • Helping others can help reduce stress, improve your emotional wellbeing and even benefit physical health. Some ways to help others:
    • Volunteering.
    • Mentoring.
    • Doing something for a good cause.
    • Random act of kindness.

Get Enough Rest

  • Not getting the right amount of sleep can make day-to day function harder and can affect both your mood and body resulting in the following:
    • Greater rick of depression or anxiety
    • Increased risk of heart diseases and cancer
    • Impaired memory
    • Weight gain
    • Reduced immune function

Avoid Smoking and Drugs

  • Substances are often used as a coping mechanism however they often make situations worse and can lead to additional mental and physical issues.

Manage Stress

  • Stress is something everyone has and will experience, but there are ways we can help manage it:
    • Take one thing at a time, no one needs to be superman/woman
    • Know your limits make sure you voice when you become overwhelmed.
    • Practice stress reduction techniques such as meditations, exercise or connecting with others

Avoid Negative Self Talk

  • Negative thinking can often drag you and others around you down.
  • Some ways of overcoming the negative thinking include:
    • Replacing the negative thought with a positive one
    • Repeating positive statements
  • If you find yourself caught in the loop of negative thinking, sit down and identify three strengths or things you do well.

Get the Care You Need

  • Get routine check-ups and visit your doctor.
  • Even if you are not sure you would benefit from help it can’t hurt to explore the possibility.
  • ** Worried about you or someone in your life call the National Alliance of Mental Health at 1-800-950-6264, where help line staff and volunteers are prepared to answer your questions and address your concerns about mental health issues. **

FITTEAM encourages you to become the best version of yourself. We value not only physical health but mental health and strive to be a community that feels like family dedicated to lifting one another up. Whether you are looking for a mood booster such as FITTEAM FIT or and community to join by becoming a FITTEAM BRAND PARTNER we have your back.