Influences of Social Media on Business

Influences of Social Media on Business


Coming fresh off our FITTEAM Social Media Strategies Event what better time than now to recap the lessons learned and dive into how social media can influence the success of a business. We all know technology and social media have made business more accessible and transparent then ever but what really impacts the overall success and how can we translate that into our own business.

Some key areas of business that social media has a huge influence on are:

  • Branding: Social media has made it easier than ever to brand. Allowing you to build and grow your brand identity with little to no cost. Identifying your brand and aligning with your key market is one of the most important steps in business. One you establish what you are, who you are and what you can do you share this through your social media platforms through marketing your brand, communication in your brands voice and ultimately engaging with consumers to create a trust and loyalty for your brand.
  • Marketing: Back in the days of print and tv you had to have a huge budget to advertise and market your brand. Now with the power of social media you can have a post go viral for free and next thing you know your sold out. Granted going viral isn’t easy nor does it for everyone but even on a micro level social media can expand the reach of your business.
  • Communication and customer service: Now a days people have no interest is calling customer service and waiting on hold for hours, they want answers fast and quick. Social media can allow for this interaction. Outside of customer service the communication aspect of social media such as commenting on posts allows a level of transparency and truth to be seen by everyone those that love the brand and those that don’t often creating a feeling of more authenticity. Let’s take FITTEAM for example, most of our business has grown through social media and allowing people to communicate and identify with our brand.
  • Engagement and awareness: It’s been proven that social media increases exposure and traffic, with this comes an increase in interactions with your consumer. Much like we talked about in the last part social media has the power to reach more eyes than ever including people that would have never taken a second look at your business. As a post grows and continues to be shared the network it reaches can be impressive and this all leads back to your business and the more people who know about your business the more people will become interested.


It’s one thing to understand how social media can help grow a business but knowing how to use social media the right way can be a challenge. Below we share some if the things we learned this past weekend to help your business flourish on social media.

  • Create original content and always be authentic.
  • Stay consistent it will take time for your presence to grow but you never know who is watching so keep on posting.
  • Allocate and invest time into your social media plan make it a real pillar of your business marketing.
  • Try new things and explore the type of content that works best for you and your brand
  • Experiment with the new features of the platforms for example have you done a reel, a story or created a tiktok yet?


Here at FITTEAM we encourage the ever-changing landscape of business, like we encourage success of all the modern-day entrepreneurs.