Why Your Thoughts Matter: Leverage a Growth Mindset for Greater Success

Why Your Thoughts Matter: Leverage a Growth Mindset for Greater Success

Our feelings are powerful! They’re part of what makes us human and are a beautiful thing, yet they largely influence our behaviors (if we allow them to), sending us on a certain trajectory. Anger, pain, and sadness are particularly powerful, and sometimes we become so attached to the feelings, it seems as though we’re unable to escape them. At the same time, some people that are experiencing immense physical pain, realize they have the power to cultivate their thoughts to be numb to the painful feelings. Why is that? Well, it’s because we actually do have power over our thoughts and are able to choose how we perceive and thus react to the painful situation.

Do You Have a Fixed or Growth Mindset?

Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology and author of Mindset, has come to discover that “Mindset is about believing in yourself” and can either guide towards or prevent us from reaching our true potential. “You adopt either a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. A growth mindset is positive and gives you an optimistic outlook and a belief that great possibilities will lead to great things. A fixed mindset can derive from a trauma, a conflict or a negative belief; it is not a fixed personality but an inner voice that doubts your ability to succeed.”

Fixed mindsets have a primary need to protect us and keep us safe within our comfort zones. Thoughts associated with such a mindset are pessimistic and work against us, full of doubt and fear. This keeps us stuck, always afraid to progress due to the “what-ifs”.

However, as successful FitTeam leaders, we recognize the opportunity that lies in breaking free from your comfort zone, so having a growth mindset is more our focus. A growth mindset neither places blame nor doubts, rather it’s willing to take responsibility. By doing so, one is able to learn and grow from the situation rather than remain stagnant which is what the fixed mindset is centered around. A growth mindset recognizes that if you do not try, you’ve already failed, so taking a risk is worth it and there’s always something to learn no matter the outcome.

It’s All About Perspective

Thoughts and feelings are fleeting, coming and going haphazardly. However, it’s within our power to choose both the meaning we associate to the situation and the reaction we have to it. When you face adversity in your life, how do you typically react? If a potential customer gives you a hard “NO!”, do you take it personally, or do you see it as a learning opportunity to adjust your approach for next time? A fixed mindset will generate thoughts supporting the idea that you are “lacking”, “not enough”, and “a failure”. While a growth mindset will understand that challenges happen, and despite a slight setback, the circumstance is an opportunity to learn something new.

While we may recognize and even prefer a growth mindset, nothing is ever “set” when it comes to the mind. It’s always changing and adapting. So, there may be times when you’re experiencing certain thought patterns more than the other. The important thing is that you’re aware and you (in a non-judgemental and loving way) choose to focus on thoughts that are positive and empower you towards your goals. Practice acknowledging both voices and choosing to act on thoughts centered around a growth mindset. The more you do, the more you’ll step into your truth and full potential, creating a truly FIT life.

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Coach Michelle – Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach

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