Mini Goals = Big Results

Mini Goals = Big Results


We always hear “aim for the stars” … but is there anything wrong with aiming for the horizon as you work your way to the stars? The answer is no. Setting small or as they are often called “mini” goals will help you achieve big goals!

Mini goals can be a deconstructed version of your bigger goal or a separate goal all on their own. They are designed to keep you on track and motivated without ever feeling discouraged. Mini goals have shown to lead to more progress because each time to achieve a mini goal you build momentum, and this momentum propels you forward.

Let’s take a look at some examples of mini goals that can lead to big picture goals.
  • If your big picture goal is to start a business, a mini goal might be to talk to a business owner (1).
  • If your big picture goal is to improve your overall health, a mini goal might be cook one more meal at home each week. Or maybe it’s to park in the further parking space in a parking lot (2).
  • If your big picture goal is to set more time out for yourself each day, a mini goal might be to set a 5-minute timer and you do whatever you want or skip cooking a meal and order so you can dedicate that time to yourself.
  • If your big picture goal is to grow your strength, a mini goal could be to do 5 push-ups a day or 20 kettlebells swings a day.

Even if you don’t associate your mini goals with big picture goals, they can still provide value. A mini goal can also be seen as a daily intention. For example, I woke up this morning feeling sore from sleeping funny through the night. I set a mini goal to stretch at least once for 5 minutes. Don’t you know that 5 minutes turned into 10 and not only did my body feel better but I felt proud of myself for conquering my goal. These little wins you provide yourself by setting goals and intentions will eventually lead to the big wins.

Today I encourage you to think about a larger goal you have and figure out three mini goals you can associate with it and then take action! FITTEAM is here to support you in any and all goals.