Navigating the holiday season with your team!

Navigating the holiday season with your team!

Ahh tis’ the holiday season, full of fun, cheer and work. Holiday calendars tend to forget that not everyone can take weeks off at a time and that most of us still hustle through the holidays. Nobody knows this better than a business owner, learning to navigate the holidays with your team is a critical step in running a successful business and keeping your team happy.

One of the ways to avoid burnout and support your team through the holiday season is to provide flexible scheduling. Lucky for us in network marketing we take advantage of flexible scheduling daily but even our schedules may need to be adjusted. Try to plan out the most important, cannot miss holiday events on your calendar and have your team do the same and then devise a plan how to work around them. If you usually have a team meeting on Thursday nights 8 but you see 3 of your team members have other events, try suggesting an earlier time. The idea is to not cancel or stop your work but rather make it more convenient. Your team will appreciate you looking out for them and continue to be productive.

Appreciation and gratitude for your team should be practiced throughout the year but it is important to make sure your team and their contributions are recognized during the holidays. During the holidays, people tend to take on added stress whether it is the increase to their social calendars or an increased financial burden, either way a check-in can go a long way during the end of year.

Lastly, it is important to remember that the holidays fall at the end of the year when people tend to question themselves, where they have been and where they are going, so be sure to remind your team of the vision and the path to success and how each team member plays a role in that vision and matters. Encourage and support your team, if possible, try to show them a kind thank you gesture such as a free meal.

At FITTEAM we are lucky to be in the position to create the life we love where work is passion. The holidays are the perfect time to allow others an insight into why you love what you do and how they could reap all the benefits as well. We wish everyone a happy holiday season!