Network marketing is here to stay!

Network marketing is here to stay!

Every day is a new day with new challenges and changes that make it hard for anyone to predict the future. However, when we study trends and behaviors, we can get a lot closer to understanding what it here to stay and network marketing isn’t going anywhere.

Here are some of the main reasons network marketing is here to stay.

Flexibility. After covid society shifted their mindset. People were forced to slow down and step back which made them realize that having flexibility in their day was a game changer to their overall happiness. The ability to throw a load of laundry in between calls while working from home, starting your workday when you got up so you could check out a little earlier or saving money by not commuting. Whatever the reason was most saw substantial benefits to their life. Now that offices are calling employees back in, people are turning to avenues that allow them to keep the flexibility and as we all know by now, network marketing is the most flexible way to make money today!

Little Risk. The recent economy has proven to be unpredictable form hiring sprees to layoffs, but the world of network marketing remains consistent. There is typically no real cash investment to get started just the investment of time and energy. If someone has the right mindset and love the product, they are attempting to sell you have a recipe for success with no real risk. With no obligation to time or money there is no reason to not try network marketing as a career or side hustle.

Earning Capabilities. When we take on an hourly job, we limit our earning capabilities to both time and a set income amount. Network marketing allows for endless earning capabilities, through a couple of ways; passive income – where you earn even when you aren’t working, no cap on sales – meaning you can continue to sell and earn with no limitation making your earnings ceiling-less and most network marketing companies allow you to earn travel, product and merchandise as well just for doing your job. Network marketing also allows you to earn as a full-time career or a side hustle and with Gen Z on rise side hustle opportunities have never been important.

Supply. Lastly due to the changes in the supply chain big box store have seen prices rise and product go out of stock more of than not, but the industry of network marketing has been able to keep a tighter control on their supply chain. The relationships built through network marketing allow for a clear picture of sale/product prediction which leads to a more sustainable and achievable supply chain.

The key to making network marketing last forever is finding a product you love. The perks and longevity of the business are clear, but what remains to be a factor is the quality of the products themselves. To succeed in network marketing the product must stand the test of time so find something you are passionate about. Here at FITTEAM we know products matter and that is why we have continued to go over the last 10 years and look forward to the bright future ahead.