Paleo Cookie Dough Protein Bars

Paleo Cookie Dough Protein Bars

Paleo Cookie Dough Protein Bars

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Are you in need of a healthy snack while on-the-go between home, school and work? Because of its nutritional value and satiating properties, protein is the perfect option for snacking. Rather than grabbing for one of the pre-packaged protein bars you can get at a gas station or grocery store, try preparing these Paleo Cookie Dough Bars in bulk. The DIY version is cheaper, easier, and you’ll have more control over what goes into them (less calories, sugar and junk!)



●      1 Cup Cashew (or Almond) Butter

●      3 Tbs Honey (I used vegan Honee that’s apple based.)

●      1/4 Cup Coconut Oil (I used unrefined for added sweetness and because I prefer the pure form of the oil.)

●      1 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract

●      1/3 tsp Salt (I used OnIt brand pink Himalayan sea salt.)

●      1/2 Cup Unflavored Gelatin (You read that right. Gelatin is known for its healing properties, especially in the gut. I used Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin.)

●      3 Tbs Cacao Nibs (I used more than 3 Tbs 😉 You can buy in bulk at Whole Foods.)

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1. Mix all the ingredients together (in no specific order).

2. Press mixture into 8x8in glass baking dish.

3. Freeze until firm.

4. Cut into bars.

5. Store in freezer in airtight container.

6. Grab one to-go when a cookie dough craving strikes!

*Recipe inspired by Cook it Up Paleo.

-Health & Wellness Coach
Michelle C.