Perks of Free Time

Perks of Free Time

We all want to be happy in our life, but many expect to be happy all the time without trying. However, that’s not always the case. The stressors of our daily lives, busy schedules, and mentality of always needing “more” can often lead us to prioritize the wrong things. This in turn creates additional anxiety leading to a life of less happiness. Now that it’s a new year, let’s use this time to refocus on what matters and get back to what makes us happy! One of the most important factors in how we gage happiness is the amount of free time we get and what we do with it. So, today we are going to dive into the perks of having free time and the best ways to use your free time for ultimately happiness!

Let’s start with some the perks:

    • – As mentioned before free time creates happiness in your life. We see free time as a stress-free zone where we can prioritize ourselves, our families, or friends and what makes us happy day to day. By allowing free time we are alleviating ourselves from stress and allowing a decompression period in our day.
    • – Realigns priorities. If we are always on the go and we never stop to smell the roses, how will we ever know if we enjoy the smell. When we slow down and take free time our priorities come back into focus. We’re not saying the big project at work that is taking 50 hours a week shouldn’t be a priority but stopping to take 20 minutes to hug your family or get a workout it can have a huge impact on how we feel.
    • – Boosts creativity. Ever stop to wonder why kinds have such imagination and creativity? It’s because they have nothing but free time and allow themselves to get bored. Free time allows the mind to travel where new thoughts and realizations can come into focus.
    • – Our brains need it. According to Calendar “Neuroscientists state that finding downtimeis needed for our brains to process the information we’ve been exposed to throughout the date. Downtime can also consolidate memories and reinforce learning.”

Understanding we need free time is the easy part, finding the free time is what is challenging. One of the best ways to “find” free time is top schedule it. Put it on a calendar! Go through each day and simply schedule it. If helpful note what the intention is, read a book, spend time with kids, take an art class and so on. Including free time in our calendars will help ensure it happens. Another way to ensure we have free time is to choose a career that will allow flexibility. The FITTEAM opportunity is a great example of how free time can become a part of everyday life.

Not sure how to use free time, feel it needs to be productive? According to Rutgers, feeling productive in our free time can make it feel purposeful and meaningful. Here are some of the best ways to use free time:

    • – Self-care. Do something that makes us feel confinement and loved. Some examples are exercise, the spa, or alone time.
    • – Relaxation and meditation. This ability to bring mindfulness to our day can help with anxiety and stress.
    • – Continued education. Try learning a new language or take an art class. Keeping the mind engaged boosts your mental health and can enhance your life
    • – A book has the ability to take us out of the present and bring us into an alternate mindset. The benefits of reading according to Calendar include concentration, memory, imagination just to name a few
    • – Helping others and can often lead to a sense of peace and calmness within. It’s a great way to give back while gaining that rewarding feeling.

We encourage everyone to enhance their free time this year! Be sure to make free time a priority so that happiness in 2023 can be a priority!