Procrastination to Productivity

Procrastination to Productivity

How many times have we caught ourselves thinking “I should really do that” but we divert our attention somewhere else or ignore “that” all together? I am sure if we are being honest, we have all procrastinated, pushing “that” off one-to-many times. That’s why today we want to talk about some of the best way to turn procrastination into productivity.

Start small. We all come across projects we dread and want to push off. Whether we fear failure, or we simply don’t know where to begin. The key here is to start small, by breaking the project up into smaller goals/objectives we instantly make the project feel more doable. By doing this we can accomplish each of the little goals/objectives faster making us feel more productive and tricking our brain into continue forward with the project. Suddenly, the procrastination turns into productivity because we have effectively removed the barrier that was making us feel overwhelmed.

Make a list. Making a list puts our goals right in front of us and forces us to focus on the day ahead. A list proves to be a great reminder that the tasks of the day are doable, it allows us to sperate our tasks out and can be a great planning tool. Let’s take something as simple as cleaning the house. Looking around at all the things needed to be done before the house can be considered clean can get overwhelming but by taking 5 minutes to sit down and write it all down. I.e.  laundry, dust, sweep, vacuum and mop we can see that’s only 5 things which seem way more achievable. This same strategy applies at work, there are days we have some much on our plate that needs to be completed. Making a list of the task ahead can help organize the brain opening ourselves for more productivity.

Limit distractions. In today’s world there are endless distractions that aid in procrastination. Maybe we think we are going to sit for a minute and watch a video on our phone but before you know it 15 minutes has passed. By limiting our distractions, we can turn that time into productivity. Some ways to limit distractions are, turn off the phones and social media, find a quiet room away from other people and create a dedicated workspace.

When hitting a wall with a project, trying to move. Talking a walk or exercising can immediately energize the body and mind. Not only is it good for our body and mind but it can spur creativity and possibly get us to a breakthrough.

Let’s try these tips and all watch our productivity reach new heights!