“Consistency is key” and “progress over perfection.”

“Consistency is key” and “progress over perfection.”

“Consistency is key” and “progress over perfection.”

Two common sayings that couldn’t be truer when it comes to a health and wellness journey!

One common theme that I see when working with individuals on a weight loss journey is that they may make grand resolutions that are an extreme change from what they usually do.

Example: Someone who is looking to lose 50 lbs and doesn’t exercise on a regular basis making it a goal of theirs to go to a bootcamp class 5x week at 6am.

This is a pretty extreme goal if this person hasn’t worked out in years, and while I will never discourage individuals from setting the bar high, I often encourage them to set a more realistic goal (for example: bootcamp 1-2x a week and a 30 minute walk with the dog 3 x per week) which is more likely to help them on the path to their goal because there is a better chance of them sticking with this goal and staying consistent!

As we head into the last couple of weeks for this year and as we prepare for a new year, I encourage you to set realistic goals using the SMART system:






Evaluate if your goals for nutrition and exercise are going to be sustainable and if they are going to help you progress towards the person you want to be in 2021!

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