Reliable Sources!

Reliable Sources!

We have all heard the saying “Health is Wealth” this is because we cannot do anything is this life without our health. It the singular most important factor in keeping us going every day. We all try to do the best for our health we listen to doctors, we read books, we ask loved ones and most recently we began turn to the internet for advice and help. Don’t get me wrong the internet is an amazing place full of endless valuable knowledge but with this knowledge comes endless amounts of false information and it can be extremely challenging to navigate what is right and what is wrong. When it comes to the advice, we seek on our health is it critical to find reliable sources, today we discuss the best was to find the reliable health sources.

Be critical and skeptical. Do blindly assume everything you read it correct. Make sure you do your research on the author and be critical of what you find. What credentials does the author have? Are they a license professional by a credible institution or are they just a personal expert. Does the author have any ties or affiliations that might cause them to write with a bias? For example, if the author sponsored by a drug manufacture, this may lead them to write about a solution using the drug while neglecting to mention other solutions.

Understand the type of website or hosting site you are on. Is this website reliable? Are they affiliated with a research or education center, understanding this may help boost the credibility of what you are reading. Not sure, check out the about us or the contact us page on the site, it’s okay to do a little digging and ask questions. It a rule of thumb that research white papers and medical journals published through educational institutions can be a good source of health-related topics. Example of widely known site that can be considered reliable would by John Hopkins Teaching hospital or National Institute of Health.

Check out dates and time. Is the information you are reading current, is it still relevant? The medical field is always changing and evolving as new discoveries are made daily, make sure what you are reading is current.

These are just some of the best ways to ensure you are getting the right kind of information regarding your health!