Starting Your Day the Fit Way

Starting Your Day the Fit Way

Starting Your Day the Fit Way

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Ah, the saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail”, ever heard of it? When you think about it, it makes sense; if we set a goal, yet we have no means to accomplish it (i.e. no plan), how can we reasonably expect to achieve it? While “fail” seems somewhat harsh, it’s a reality.

How much time do you spend planning your fitness activities throughout your day? Do you figure things out on an ad-hoc basis, giving yourself excuses, telling yourself: “Oh, I’ll workout after I drop the kids off.”, but you forgot to pack your gym clothes and a recovery shake. Or, do you wake up with intention, a goal, and an action plan?

Our habits largely contribute to who we are and what we accomplish. Setting intentions for your day by making a plan in the morning will dictate how well you spend your time. Otherwise, we’re living on a false pretense and risk living from a state of chaos.

Posts about the habits of the most successful people, re-ephasize the idea that how you start your day sets the tone for the rest of it, but there is a fundamental reason why this holds true. There’s something psychologically empowering about creating a plan, staying organized, and having everything scheduled out. Starting your day like that screams confidence, competence, and courageousness.

Little habits can have a big impact. Here are some easily employable actions you can take to start your day off right:

Make your bed

Simple, yes, but taking something that was once a mess and organizing it piece by piece —sheet, comforter, pillows— reinforces order and calmness to your sleepy little brain. This sense of ease equates to less stress, and less stress manifests as a better mood, more productivity and better day, overall.

Drink water first thing

Your body is made of water, and after fasting for hours during the night, reintroducing water first thing in the morning is critical to preparing your mind and GI tract for success. I know your groggy, foggy mind wants coffee first, but fight the urge! Starting your morning with a glass of water will put you on track for a well-hyrdated day.

Make plans

Simply listing out 3-5 big ticket items you MUST accomplish for the day with a timeline (i.e. before noon, before the end of the day) can have a tremendous impact on your productivity and sense of calmness throughout the day. Making a tangible list not only takes away the stress of having to remember, but it helps to keep you aligned with the big picture, allowing for better time management on a larger scale.

Listen to something energizing

Whether it’s music or an inspiring podcast, listening to something uplifting energizes your mind and prepares you for a successful day. Play your happy song (and maybe even do a happy dance?) while you get through you’re “must-do’s” in the morning; you might even start seeing them as “get-to-do’s” 🙂 Added Bonus: Motivating music makes a long commute more enjoyable.

Get moving

Feeling better in the afternoon starts with the actions you take in the morning. Make time for physical movement during your morning routine. Whatever it may be—yoga, a run, or Crossfit—starting your day with some form of exercise boosts your metabolism and increases energy throughout your day. Not only that, you’re starting on a healthy high note, so you’re more likely to stick to better eating choices, too. It seems silly NOT to…

What are some of your favorite morning habits to get your day started off right?

-Health & Wellness Coach
Michelle C.