Summertime Goals

Summertime Goals


When you think of summer what do you think of? Is it more time with friends and family, weekends spent doing outside activities or by the water, maybe it is endless kid camp shuffling? No matter what your answers is, I can pretty much assume the first thought that came to mind wasn’t about how to create and crush specific summer goals! However, the summer is the perfect time to set new goals and accelerate existing goals to really push your way to success. Think about it, if everyone slows down during the summer while you continue or even amp up, you are already ahead of the pack just by continuing to reach for success.

Create specific goals for June, July and August. By creating specific (even micro) goals for each month not only will you be able to look back on summer feeling accomplished, but you will coast into fall more prepared than ever. These goals don’t have to be huge in fact they should be achievable. Maybe the goal is to make one more connection a day or to walk around the block one extra time because its daylight just a little longer now. These small victories will add up and make you feel inspired.

Keep a daily Journal. One way to stay on top of your summer goals would be to keep a daily journal where you can stay reminded of your intentions. If you want to kick this up one notch, share your goals with a friend or family member, this can add a level of accountability. Keep in mind you are looking to share your goal with someone who will encourage you, not create a negative energy for you.

Mix up your summer goals. Instead of creating the same goal as always try mixing it up this summer. Maybe your goal is simply to find a new hobby each month or to do something creative. Challenge yourself in new areas can lead to new excitement and passions in every arear of your life.

Here at FITTEAM we know the importance of spending time wisely no matter what season it is. So, this summer feel free to be critical of your time, the activities you participate in crush your goals!



How To Reach Your Summer Goals