There is a common misconception that workouts aren’t good unless you feel like you’re dying! The truth is that low intensity workouts can have a huge impact on your overall health and well-being while providing just as much value as a high intensity workout. Let’s look at some of the best low intensity workouts!


We cannot stress this enough walking is a GREAT low intensity workout. Walking has been shown to boost your mood, help with coordination and aid in overall health including weight loss. Walking is also something that you can constantly adjust to add intensity over time, you can walk at a faster pace or on and incline. Walking can also be done ANYWHERE so no excuses.


For starters swimming is a full body workout working everything from the legs to the lungs. Swimming is also much easier on the joints than impact cardio so if you have bad knees this may be the perfect solution.


Next time you are the gym hop on the rower. The rowers are often open and ready for use which is great because they provide a full body cardio and endurance workout. You can level up this low impact workout by taking it outside. Try renting kayaks for the day and cruise through some beautiful scenery.


Pilates may sound scary but trust us it’s not and you can always modify a Pilates workout to your level.  Pilates is great for core, balance and breathwork. It is a great addition to any routine, try it today!


If you are looking for low impact maybe don’t jump right into a soul cycle class but hop on your bike or a bike and the gym and take a spin. Cycling is non-weight baring activity that can be great for any level it’s so helpful that physical therapist even use cycling to rehabilitate their patients.

These low intensity workouts are just some of the AMAZING things you can do for your body. As summer approaches get out there and move just make sure you are staying hydrated!