Tips to navigating holiday indulgences!

Tips to navigating holiday indulgences!

We are just days away from Halloween which officially leads us into the holiday season and end of the year. The excitement surrounding the holidays and end of the year is the perfect time appreciate our loved ones and celebrate the community of family and friends that surround us daily but with this celebration also comes endless opportunities to indulge in all the food and treats we love! From elaborate dinners, parties and delicious gifts is can be easy to overindulge that’s why we want to share some tips and tricks for staying on track with your health goals through the end of the year.

  1. Eat slowly! Enjoy the conversations and quality times with others as you eat. Take breaths and water breaks throughout your meal. When you slow down the consumption your body has time to process the food and realize it is full. Then you aren’t left feeling overfull or sick but rather perfectly content.
  2. Portion control! We all know our favorite foods come out during the holidays but what’s stopping you the rest of the year, it is important to remember you can make any of these delicious foods at any time so there really is no need to eat more than you want. One way to help with portion control is to plan out the day if you know you are going to different parties or gatherings on the same day set out a plan of how you will eat, maybe just light apps at the first party and then a main course at the next. Or if you are at a party with endless options take a stroll around and look at all the options that way you don’t fill your plate than realize there is something else you want, try to get all your favorites in on one round. Always remember to listen to your body and stop when full.
  3. Fill your plate variety and color! Do leave out the veggies, adding fruits and veggies to your plate will not only fill you up faster but it will also provide additional nutrition.
  4. Watch what you drink! Many of our favorite festive drinks are full of sugar and empty calories. Drinking also can lead to overeating because you will have less self-control. Once way to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink is to stay hydrated. Make sure you are drinking a full glass of water between every drink. Another hack is to stick to clear drinks, clear drinks tend to have less sugar than the darker more colorful options.
  5. Schedule! This one can be a little more challenging but, when possible, try to stick to your normal schedule. That way when you sit down to dinner you aren’t starving because you didn’t eat your normal breakfast or lunch. Or don’t forgo your midday healthy snack just because you know you have dinner. Try to stick to your routine as much as possible.

These are just some of the many things you can do to remain health conscious during the holidays! We look forward to an amazing holiday season ahead!