Community is a word we hear often and can hold a different meaning or value to each of us, but community by definition is, a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. As the holidays grow closer and communities come together this is the perfect time to talk about how valuable a community can be to our health as a human.

Humans by nature are meant to be social and since the beginning of time we have formed communities. Having a sense of community means we have a sense of belonging this allows us to grow and as a species because we become something greater than ourselves.

There are some key benefits to our well-being that come from feeling a sense of community:



A community provides a built-in support system which creates a two-sided benefit. The ability to be supported and support others. When we support one another other we feel a sense of purpose and belonging and when there are feeling of loneliness others are there to support us which improves our allover wellbeing.



A community allows for positive influence to take place. For example, say you want to get better at running so you join a run club this built-in community provides you the encouragement and support that influences you to achieve your goals and make improvements running by surrounding yourself with like-minded people with shared interests. This feeling of community can be empowering and bring about positive changes.



Sharing can create a sense of greater worth and add overall value to the community itself. According to there is huge beneficial effect sharing can have on mental health: higher engagement, positive emotions, and empowerment (3).



Connection creates relationships and can provide a sense of belonging which in turn helps to provide meaning to our lives. It allows us to not feel alone.



The ability to learn and acquire knowledge grows as the community and resources within the community grow. This can help shape our path, thoughts and provide insights we previously would have never had.


And to think these are just some of the benefits of being part of a community. Here at FITTEAM we embrace our community and the value which it brings into our everyday lives and businesses. If you are ever looking for a spot to feel empowered and create your own sense of purpose, we are here for you!