FITTEAM Vision Event 2017 Recap

FITTEAM Vision Event 2017 Recap

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL.— FITTEAM outdid itself once more as VISION 2017 reinvented the way a FITTEAM event could be presented.

The early Saturday morning session broke up into four different workshops. Triple Diamond Executives Erin Giguere and Julie and Matt Mlynarek led sessions on FIT Parties and sampling FIT, respectively. The remaining Diamonds (Debby Gasperoni, Leigh-Ann Carney, Lindsay Radzik, Marie Bedell, Paula Turk, Lisa & Matthew Yeip, Vicki Taft, and Tara Wiskow) were open ears for the affiliates who shared their inspirational stories in an exercise to develop confidence in their ability to open up.

Executive VP Sales, Brent Niblo, invoked drive and motivation with his passionate presentation on the upcoming 90-Day Run.

Following a brief lunch break, the afternoon session was led by two guest speakers, best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and award-winning podcaster Carrie Wilkerson along with top rated keynote speaker and New York Times best-selling author, Robyn Benincasa.

The presentations were filled with tough love, incredible stories, humorous tales, and unwavering support and belief in the FITTEAM affiliates. Both women brought an undeniable electricity to the stage that resonated with the crowd.

Prior to the main event, FITTEAM hosted a plethora of activities to get everyone excited for Saturday’s offerings.

Thursday kicked off the VISION 2017 weekend as the Corporate team assembled the FITTEAM Store and took part in the second Diamond Dinner, unveiling a new banner and absorbing information from guest speakers Wilkerson and Coach Finch.

The intimate setting with accompanying music made the dinner more special, along with award presentations to Taft and Wiskow for their incredible work over the last quarter of 2016.

Friday morning saw over one hundred affiliates join Coach Finch outside of the Embassy Suites for an intense, hour-long workout that focused on cardio, endurance, and bodyweight exercises. The drills, while physical, also challenged the participant’s mental toughness and ability to keep pushing through difficult situations.

While some affiliates stayed for the meet and greet Friday evening, Bronze-Emerald Executives had an opportunity of a lifetime, being part of a privately held tour of the home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium.

Snapping photos in the cheerleader’s and main roster’s locker rooms, eating a delicious spread in the VIP lounge, kicking field goals and receiving touchdown passes on the 100+ yards of turf, the executives shared a moment that they won’t soon forget.

A commemorative photo was taken of everyone that attended at mid-field, right on the famed Cowboys’ star.

VISION delivered on its promise to inspire and make affiliates aware of the endless possibilities with FITTEAM. With the first event of the new year in the books, it is just the beginning for what FITTEAM has in store throughout the year.

FITTEAM will be going “all in” as they travel to the Music City April 21-22, 2017. Tickets for the Nashville event are available on


Adam Williams
Communications Coordinator

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