Why White Tea in FITTEAM FIT is a Healthy, Clean Energy WIN!

Why White Tea in FITTEAM FIT is a Healthy, Clean Energy WIN!

If you’re familiar with Chinese Medicine (or you’ve read some of our previous posts), you’ve more than likely discovered some amazing health benefit of green tea. What you might not know, is that white tea is an energy booster and extremely beneficial! White tea has been shown to decrease risk and incidence of common health ailments, diseases, and even cancer! Rather than filling prescriptions, taking pills, and dealing with pricey doctor visits, sipping on a soothing cup of white tea seems like a pretty good option, wouldn’t you say!

Where Does White Tea Come From?

White tea originates from a specific plant in China, and the harvesting procedure is quite impressive; buds and leaves are almost encouraged to wither in the sun during the plant’s growth, they’re plucked prematurely, then the delicate buds and leaves are processed to prevent oxidation (preserving the distinct flavor and aroma of the tea).  This specific plant, the Camellia Sinensis plant, is similar to green tea plants in its abundance of polyphenols, a phytonutrient behind many of the tea’s benefits.

How to Brew White Tea

Believe it or not, boiling hot water can actually diminish the flavor and nutrients of the tea. Water for white tea should be no hotter than 170-185 degrees Fahrenheit (76 to 85 degrees Celsius).  This actually goes for all tea types.Best results are yielded by bringing water to a boil then allowing it to sit and cool for a few minutes prior to pouring over the leaves (use at least two tsp per every 8 oz. of water). On average, white tea is steeped for approx. 15 mins.

What are the Benefits of White Tea?

Helps Your Heart

A group of antioxidants called Catechins are found in white tea and have been shown to reduce bad cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, and even repair damaged vein tissue, increasing overall cardiovascular health.

Increases Your Immunity

You’ve probably heard the amazing antioxidant benefits green tea has. Well, white tea is right up there! In some cases, these teas are as impressive as prescription drugs when it comes to preventing illnesses that thrive in a toxic environment. Cancers,  such as colon, prostate, and stomach, as well as, rheumatoid arthritis, The miracle ingredient is called a flavonoid, which is a group of antioxidants that stop the growth of cancer cells, and help new, healthy cells grow!

Not only that, antioxidants’ remarkable ability to fight free radicals aids in repairing damage from the sun, stress and poor diet, reversing signs of aging, too!

Aids in Energy & Fat Metabolism

There’s been an on-going debate of the caffeine content of coffee versus tea and white or black tea versus green tea. Many teas contain caffeine, and with White Teas being only slightly fermented, caffeine levels can be assumed to be slightly less than that of Green Tea and higher than most other teas. In addition to the caffeine content, White Tea’s ability to help alleviate toxins in the body and metabolize fat aids the body in having more energy, too!

Reduce Blood Pressure

“Studies have proven that white tea can actually thin the blood and drastically improve artery function. Drinking white tea several times a day on a consistent basis can actually lower the pressure of your blood and protect the body against one of its common health enemies, stroke.” (1) Obviously, curing yourself of all your health ailments isn’t as simple as drinking a cup of tea. True benefits are seen when tea is ingested every day, a couple of times a day, so making it a habit to consume it around meals (for example) can yield incredible results.

Stronger Bones and Teeth, and Healthier Skin

Keeping a healthy internal environment when it comes to the well-being of your bones, teeth, and skin (OK, everything!), and that’s where antioxidants come into play. Fighting off bad cells, and creating new cells, while minimizing toxicity can create internal environments your cells can truly thrive in! Not to mention, white tea has small amounts of fluoride to aid in teeth and gums healthy, too.

Keep in mind, miraculous health isn’t achieved by simply drinking some tea (or even our FIT Stick which has White Tea as an ingredient 😉 , we have to put in the work, too!

Providing your body with natural, whole foods, clean water, exercise, sufficient sleep, and sunshine, as well as leading as much of a stress-free lifestyle as possible will reap benefits.


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