FIT and FIT+

FIT and FIT+

Whether you are a long time user of FITTEAM FIT or you just discovered it recently, you most likely have fallen in love with not just the enhanced energy and focus but all of the additional benefits from FIT’s unique blend of ingredients. While the scientifically formulated FIT has been changing lives on its own for years now, FITTEAM decided to kick things up a notch, working with a team of scientists, nutrition experts and elite athletes to come up with FIT+. What is FIT+?

FITTEAM FIT+ is an all natural, revolutionary blend of ingredients designed to enhance the amazing benefits of FIT by incorporating new additional active ingredients. FIT+ capsules are scientifically formulated with organic ingredients to boost your energy, provide mood support, help with appetite control and aid in fat loss. Some of the key ingredients in FIT+ include niacinamide, sea buckthorn, panax ginseng and guarana.

While these ingredients carry multiple benefits, let’s look at some key benefits for exercise and performance:

Niacinamide (B3) has been shown to support improved blood flow and is a form of B3 that does not cause niacin flush (reddening of the skin on the face) like other forms of B3/ niacin can1. Learn more about the benefits of niacinamide.

Guarana has been shown to support increased energy and focus2. Guarana has been celebrated as a go-to energy boosting ingredient for many years now, you can read more about it here: What is Guarana?

Panax ginseng has been shown to support energy levels while preventing physical and mental fatigue3. Learn more about the benefits of Panax Ginseng.

Sea buckthorn: a research study done on the sea buckthorn plant showed that it may be able to suppress body weight gain and fat accumulation while improving thermogenesis (calorie burning)4. Check out this blog post on Sea buckthorn to learn more.

When to use FIT+: FIT+ was designed to be used in conjunction with and to maximize the benefits of FIT, so FIT and FIT+ can be taken together at the same time.

While FIT+ was designed to complement and give a boost to FIT, FIT+ capsules also provide an additional convenient way to enjoy the energy, focus and mood enhancing boost of FIT in an easy capsule that you can take with you on the go.

There is already so much buzz from the FITTEAM community about how FIT+ has been a game changer for many who are seeing major boosts in their performance. From hitting personal records at triathlons to making it through spin class feeling amazing, FIT+ has done the unthinkable and is making the best even better by giving an added boost to the already amazing benefits of FIT. Order yours today!